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    Shampoo for Dogs: Cleaning and Grooming Guide

    By on Last modified: January 15, 2021

    Your dog loves playing around and you can’t stop them from jumping in puddles, rolling in the grass or checking how soft that mud is.
    And naturally, your dog can’t get inside your home with dirty paws and coat, which is why bathing them is necessary. Just like humans have shampoo for their hair, dogs too need it for their coat. Washing them with just water isn’t enough to remove the dirt from their hair and skin.

    Dog shampoos aren’t a trend or a luxury, they’re a necessity that would help you maintain your dog’s hygiene and keep them healthy. You should pick a gentle shampoo for dog that’s effective enough to remove the dirt without damaging the dog’s skin. While you might be able to find one at your local supermarket, the best dog shampoo is the one sold by a reliable pet store. Pick the one that targets specific issues or problems your dog might be facing. If you aren’t entirely sure about the ingredients, talk to your vet or ask the salesperson for more information.

    Benefits of Dog Shampoo

    Benefits of Dog Shampoo

    Maintain Hygiene

    Because it helps maintain their hygiene, shampoo is one of the essential pet accessories to keep your dog happy and healthy. Even if your dog lives outside, they should be clean and germ-free. This is important because you and other members of your family are always in contact with the dog.

    If the dog carries any disease, they may pass it onto other pets in your home, but also to people, and that is truly something you don’t want.
    Using dog shampoo will reduce the chances of this by keeping your dog’s coat lovely, clean and germ-free. The shampoo will kill all the germs, preventing them from spreading.

    Get Rid of Fleas Ticks

    Fleas and ticks latch onto the dog’s skin and then are very difficult to remove. Dogs would go just anywhere (it takes one run in the grass and they can easily catch those little nasty critters). Using the right shampoo will help your dog get rid of any fleas or ticks bothering them. A good shampoo should be able to remove all external parasites without harming the animal in the process.

    Best dog shampoo

    Maintain the Right Skin pH

    And while the dog’s skin isn’t visible, you should keep that thing in mind as well. Dogs’ skin is covered with a thin film, just like human skin, which keeps the skin’s pH in check. Dog’s skin ranges from 2.2 to 7.5 pH and this a natural and comfortable zone. Shampooing with the wrong product may disrupt this range which can easily lead to rashes and redness. Always be sure to get a shampoo that is designed to keep the dog’s skin pH in balance. Frequent shampooing with the wrong shampoo may severely damage this layer and cause serious skin problems to your pet.
    It’s best to ask your vet about the right type of shampoo that would be completely safe even for frequent use.

    Make Bathing Easier

    Dog shampoos are specially made to lather easily. Nobody wants to pull and tug the dog’s coat (the dog may become irritated and angry and the whole bathing may become traumatic for both you and the pet). The skin and coat of your dog are sensitive to touch so bathing is already a process they don’t enjoy (not all dogs though, some love it). Make sure that the process is as pleasant as it can be. Dog shampoos that lather easily will make things go smoother.

    How Often to Bathe Your Dog?

    How Often to Bathe Your Dog

    This is the eternal dilemma for dog parents. How often should you bathe your furry friend? Dogs aren’t humans, so it’s natural that they smell, their skin is designed to cope with the temperature, stress, humidity and germs. If you bathe them frequently, you may dry out their skin and cause additional problems that would require time and patience.

    So, unless your dog is extremely dirty, you don’t have to bathe it that frequently. It’s not necessary to do it every week. However, whenever it’s required, always make sure you use a suitable shampoo that would keep their skin and coat free od dirty, germs and other unwanted little critters.

    Don’t Forget the Dog Grooming Supplies!

    Dog Grooming Supplies

    Your dog’s healthy coat takes special care and dedication. Sure, the shampoo is essential for cleaning it from dirt, germs and ticks, but some other things are important as well.

    First of all, dogs will shed their coat (some breeds shed more than others). Hair all over the place is not something people like, especially those that are allergic. To take care of your dog’s coat, you have to get a good set of dog grooming supplies that includes brushes, combs, flea combs, scissors for cutting the extra hair around your dog’s ears and face, grooming rakes and other tools your pet might require.

    Golden Retriever with fresh cutting hair

    It’s important to pick the dog grooming kit accordingly. Smaller dogs with short hair don’t necessarily need a large grooming kit. But, if you have a Golden Retriever for example or a Poodle, you know that you will have to spend some time grooming, trimming, cutting and anything in between to keep the dog’s coat shiny, clean and healthy. If your pet has curly hair prone to knotting, you’ll have to get a knot remover as well (this would help you remove those stubborn knots without causing any pain to your furry friend).

    Soon, you’ll discover that the grooming kit is an essential part of your dog’s daily routine. Shedding is natural and you have to help your dog get rid of the excessive hair by grooming them, sometimes on daily basis. Sure, it can take some time, but it’s better than actually seeing balls of hair all over the place. If you can do it yourself, you can even give your dog a haircut (be careful and do it subtly, unless you want your dog to look funny). Their coat will regenerate and new hair will grow, so make sure it’s healthy and clean.

    So, yes, this is a dedicated work, but it’s done out of love, which means it shouldn’t be difficult. All the effort will be for the best benefit of your beloved doggo.