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    Standing Desk Buying Guide for a Healthier and Productive Workspace

    By on Last modified: February 26, 2024

    People around the world spend most of their day sitting down. Whether working at the desk in the office, or binge-watching shows at home, we’re sitting more than ever before. This has many negative effects on our physical health as well as our overall productivity. But, while it’s not possible for all of us to completely get rid of the desk based on the specifics of the jobs we have, there’s a way to at least take the chair out of the equation.

    You can improve your working experience by ordering a sit and stand desk with fast delivery! These ingenious designs let you comfortably work in a standing position. This is great news since adding periods of standing to your workday can minimise your back pain, enhance your productivity, and even lower your risk of obesity and other diseases. Read on to discover some essential insights to make an informed purchase.



    When buying a sit stand desk, one of the first things you should think about is your space. Is there enough space in your office for a desk like this? Make sure that you have enough room to stand in, and that there’s sufficient room for you to add a chair. Keep in mind that standing upright for the whole workday might fatigue you just as much. The best course of action is to alternate between sitting and standing at least once every hour.

    Once you’ve done your measurements of the area, consider the work surface. What’s your ideal tabletop size and what do you plan to put on it? If you use a printer, a second monitor, or other devices daily, consider getting a bigger desk. You should also opt for a larger model if you prefer to arrange our documents in front of you, or if you want to decorate your workspace with plants. On the other hand, if you use fewer devices and want to have everything at your fingertips, choose a small desk that can accommodate your keyboard and stationery.

    Adjustment Range

    When choosing a sit and stand desk for your work needs, another important consideration is the workstation’s adjustment range. If you can’t adjust it to fit your requirements, this device would be quite useless. Go over the specs of your preferred model and find out the amount of height range it has. If you have an unusual height, this is a crucial factor that you should consider.

    Find out if you can operate with the right posture and comfort in front of it. You shouldn’t strain your neck or hunch over the desk, regardless of whether you’re sitting or standing. If you’re making your purchase online, this is sometimes hard to tell. However, adding a monitor arm to your configuration allows for even more customisation. In this case, you can flexibly adjust your monitor to suit your postural requirements.


    Having a sturdy work surface is essential whether you’re working from home or in an office. It should be sturdy enough to support your keyboard, monitor (or monitors), any attachments, and any other devices and stationery you decide to put on it.

    You should not place expensive equipment worth thousands of dollars on a tabletop made of fragile wood. Search for solid, stable wood tabletops or similar composite materials. To ensure that your work surface stays stable when you raise and lower it, look for a model with broad feet. Sturdy columns can support the whole structure without trembling.


    Another important factor to consider when purchasing a sit stand work desk is the number of motors that are performing the heavy lifting. To ensure effortless transitions between sitting and standing positions, it’s best to search for workstations that feature two motors. If you work eight hours a day and move positions regularly, you’ll need to make a lot of modifications to get from sitting to standing and vice versa.

    In case you share your workstation with family or coworkers, you’ll need sturdy motors that can handle the load. Be mindful of the sound your motors make as well. If it’s rather audible and obvious right now, it’ll likely get more annoying in the future. A silent and effective motor won’t cause you a headache every time you adjust the height.


    If you’re getting a sit stand computer desk for your home office, make sure that it comes with simple assembly. Nothing’s more frustrating than getting a new piece of furniture with excitement and then realising that you need to spend the whole day reading the assembly instructions so that you can install it. Make sure that the mechanism is simple to use and adjust. Extra points if the keyboard has settings that allow the desk to rise and fall to the ideal height.



    If you’re ordering your sit stand desk online, be sure to inquire about the estimated time of arrival. Read the shipping guidelines as well to see if there are any other unstated costs that you should be aware of. Checking the warranty is the final thing to do before you click the “buy” button. A reputable company will provide a solid warranty to cover any flaws in the product for several years. A lot of standing desks have a minimum of 6–7-year warranty.

    Should I Get a Sit Stand Desk?

    If you value a healthier work environment, improved productivity, and the flexibility to switch between sitting and standing, a standing desk is a fantastic investment. Sitting typically puts your spine in a bad position, which increases the strain on your neck and back. You need to contract your abdominal muscles so they can absorb the additional load. This often leads to a lot of discomfort or even pain in your back, neck, and legs.

    Standing is much better than sitting, as it requires less effort from your muscles. It helps maintain your spine in its natural position by using your abdominal muscles and making the most use of the muscles in your neck and back.