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    Streetwear Style: The Best Baseball Cap Brands You Can Buy in 2020

    By on Last modified: June 2, 2020

    If you haven’t noticed yet, streetwear has infiltrated every level of dressing. It is a style that is constantly growing and influenced by both the hip-hop world and skate scene. Streetwear is practical and comfortable. One of the must-have items of this style are caps. They have retained an important part of men’s wardrobe generation after generation. First worn by amateur baseball teams, caps were originally designed to shield the eyes of the players from the sun. Today, however, these accessories are used by many designers and subcultures.

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    According to stylists, the best models of caps are simple and with little or no branding on them at all. Neutral tones like black, khaki and grey are the best choice as they go well with most complexions and are easy to integrate into an outfit. Factors like material and shape are also important. Cotton is a standard that’s always a good choice, and when it comes to choosing a shape, consider the shape of your head first as a certain brand cap may not suit your skull.

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    Although they can be combined with different styles and outfits, baseball caps work best with casual wear. Wearing a cap with trainers, jeans and shorts is a truly timeless look. If you’re looking to buy some of these pieces but are not sure which brands to choose from, here’s a bit of help on the matter.

    • New Era – When it comes to baseball caps, New Era is the king. This New York brand has been an exclusive supplier of on-field caps for every Major League Baseball team since 1993 and in its 90+ years of work it has racked up more than 500 different licenses in its portfolio. This brand is best known for its fitted, fat peak cap model – 59Fifty. If you are not familiar with it, it’s a flat-brimmed model that rappers like to leave the stickers on. New Era is one of the brands that are responsible for bringing this type of headwear to the masses and make it a popular accessory that’s worn by people around the world. This is the name where you can find everything in one – the perfect fit, great prices and a long history.
    • AMI – The clean, minimalist pieces designed by Alexandre Mattiussi’s were extremely popular among the style-savvy gents in Europe. His popularity started in 2011 when the AMI label first appeared. Today, this French brand is nothing less than a global phenomenon that’s being promoted by cool influencers on Instagram and Hollywood A-listers. Along with footwear, denim and hoodies, the baseball cap has always been one of the main items in the brand’s collection.
    • Kavu – Caps are great but we all know that wind can easily blow them away off your head. This has inspired the outdoor enthusiast and founder of Kavu, Barry Barr to find a solution and that’s how the now-iconic Strap Cap was born. This model uses a strip of nylon webbing that runs around the cap’s edge so it can keep it tight on your head regardless of the weather. It may not look very aesthetically pleasing but it definitely is a practical solution that’s worth trying.
    • Norse Projects – This brand from Denmark has spent around 20 years establishing themselves as a label for minimalistic, high-quality garments filtered through a streetwear lens. As a result, the Norse Projects have become well-known for their baseball caps. In the early days of this brand, the most popular type was the five-panel cap. If this is your choice of brand, you can expect subtle branding, contemporary styling and American-made quality.
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    No matter which brand you choose, don’t forget to consider your face shape. The cap you choose should fit your facial silhouette. You can easily determine this by taking a few simple measurements. First, measure your forehead with a tape measure. Then, measure your cheekbones using the distance across your upper cheeks. You should also measure your face from the centre of your forehead to the bottom of your chin as well as your jawline. Whether you have a square, oval, heart-shaped or circular face, there is a cap for you. If you have an oval shape, you can consider yourself lucky because you can wear any type of cap you want. If you can, try different caps to see how they look on you. This way you will get a better idea of which style best suits you.