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    Top Reasons to Buy Acrylic Photo Prints for Your Art and Memories

    By on Last modified: December 1, 2023

    Every photograph tells a story, and there’s no better way to narrate those tales than through the mesmerising clarity of acrylic material. These prints offer fantastic colour reproduction and a sleek, modern aesthetic that elevates any space. They’re a vivid celebration of the moments and masterpieces that make life extraordinary.

    But it’s not just about slapping a picture on a block of acrylic. With a custom acrylic photo print in the desired dimensions, you have the freedom to choose a design that fits your space just right. The sizing options give you the flexibility to curate your wall exactly how you envision it. You upload your image, play around with the customisation options, and voilà – your masterpiece is ready to grace your wall.

    Vibrant in Colour

    acrylic photo prints in the living room

    The acrylic photo prints aren’t your regular, run-of-the-mill artworks. They offer an explosion of vivid hues that practically dance off the surface. Take your favourite photo, maybe a sunset snapshot or a portrait of a family camping trip bursting with smiles. Now, imagine those colours coming to life, amplified to a whole new level. These artworks offer amazing clarity, every shade, and every nuance gets this spotlight treatment, making your image pop with intensity. It’s a visual feast that grabs your attention and refuses to let go. The glossy finish takes the vibrancy up a notch, creating this dynamic interplay that adds depth and life to your print.


    An acrylic photo print has your back when it comes to those moments you want to cherish forever. No fading, no wear and tear – just your memories, looking as sharp and vibrant as the day you captured them. So, you don’t need to worry about your artwork or photos losing their lustre over time. This material is like a shield, fending off the forces that usually mess with artwork. Acrylic is the bodyguard your memories deserve; it ensures they stay fresh and vibrant for the long haul.

    This material also handles accidental collisions quite well. We’ve all had those moments where a framed photo takes a tumble. But with these prints, it’s like having a safety net. You can avoid the shattered glass and the ruined masterpiece. They’re sturdy, robust, and built to withstand the occasional bumps life throws at them.

    So, when we talk about the durability of these artworks, we’re talking about prints that can brave the storms, stand the test of time, and still look as fabulous as the day you captured that moment on your wall. They’re time capsules that refuse to age.


    Now, I’ve talked about their durability, but are acrylic wall prints waterproof? While you shouldn’t go submerging them in a bathtub for fun, these prints stand their ground when life throws a spill or a splash their way. So, imagine having your favourite memories or artwork in spaces where water usually spells trouble – think bathrooms, kitchens, or even outdoors where rain could decide to join the party. Acrylic prints are the guardians of your visual treasures when it comes to any kind of moisture. No warping, no water damage drama – just your art looking as sleek and fabulous as ever.

    In a nutshell, these décor items offer a waterproof shield for your memories and artwork. It’s that extra layer of protection that keeps your visuals looking top-notch, even in the face of unexpected liquid adventures. They’re built-in raincoats for your art and memories – practical, stylish, and ready for whatever weather life throws their way.


    acrylic photo print of family in the living room

    If you want to elevate your space and add a touch of sophistication to your favourite memories or artwork, acrylic wall prints step in as the budget-friendly superheroes of wall décor. They give you all the stunning visual perks without breaking the bank. Affordability doesn’t mean compromising quality here. These artworks strike that perfect balance, offering you a sleek, contemporary aesthetic that won’t leave you selling your soul.

    On the other hand, traditional paintings are beautiful, but they often come with a hefty price that can make your wallet cringe. Sculptures, too – they’re amazing to look at but acquiring one is a journey into the realm of high art prices. Limited edition prints by renowned artists are also fantastic, but the exclusivity often comes with a matching exclusive price tag. Even custom-framed photographs or prints can rack up costs. Choosing the right frame, matting, and the professional touch of framing services – it all adds up.

    Easy to Clean

    Sometimes life can get a bit messy – stray fingerprints, a bit of dust, or maybe even a splash from an overenthusiastic drink. Well, with acrylic photo prints in Australia, it’s a simple story – all you need to do is give them a wipe with a gentle cloth and they’re back to their glossy self. This kind of cleaning routine doesn’t involve elaborate rituals or expensive cleaning products. These prints can handle a touch-up without any drama.

    Versatile in Size and Shape

    Acrylic photo prints give you many sizing options and make your creativity take the lead. If you have a specific space in mind – maybe a cosy nook in your living room or a spot above the bed, these artworks let you choose the size that fits like a glove. And the shape too – square, rectangle, panoramic – they can morph to match your vision. Got a wide-angle shot that deserves the spotlight? Panoramic it is. Or maybe you’re feeling a collection of square prints for a gallery wall vibe – your choice. No need to settle for the off-the-rack look. These artworks help you tailor the size and shape to your liking.