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    Toy Hauler Trailer Buying Guide

    By on Last modified: December 2, 2020

    Everyone who is looking for a toy hauler trailer gets the tougher and meaner version of the regular trailer. The concept entails an option to haul in your favourite toys, be they small utility tools like mowing machine, or a full-blown ATV recreational vehicle. In the United States, people are comfortable with getting motorcycles and even vehicles inside them. Here in Australia, tradies are more concerned about getting smaller gadgets and compact cargo across the ramp.

    Toy Hauler Trailer

    Toy Haulers vs. Travel Trailers

    It’s easier for most blokes to compare toy haulers with something more ubiquitous to arrive at a decision regarding the right thing to buy. Since Aussies are more likely to put these towing aids through a greater strain during off-road and outback roads, its only natural to ask: Are toy haulers built better than travel trailers? The short answer is yes. And by a good margin. Because toy haulers are made to carry heavy gear, they are generally built with a better, sturdier frame. The downside to that is they are heavier than travel trailers. It all comes down to your specific requirements and given some proper planning you can get exactly what you want. This is especially true if you find a good local Australian brand that can customize your toy hauler trailer.

    Toy Hauler Trailer

    Types of Toy Haulers Customizations to Choose From

    Custom Cages

    This has to be one of the most typical toy hauler adjustments. People often don’t need just a flat tray, rather the cargo needs to be secured and the ends have to allow this. There are plenty of ways to do this. Some go for mesh cages, while others go for heavy-duty railings. It depends whether you offer moving services on a regular basis and your load is different each time, or more or less you know what you’re taking along because you only transport livestock.

    Custom Toy Hauler Trailer

    Tonneau Covers

    Of course, to have a tonneau, your toy hauler has to have some sort of enclosure on at least three sides. Companies that deal with trailers are used to finding solutions for proper coverage. They have durable universal cage covers on stock. Usually, they are great to keep water and dust outside the enclosed space. Made from tough vinyl and in standard size box trailers, you can probably find a cover without the need for additional tailoring.

    Slide-Away Ramps

    The typical ramps are fold up ramps made from aluminium (also known as lawn mower ramps). When you custom build your toy hauler, you can choose slide away ramps.

    Spare Wheel

    Another very popular feature prone to customization. Since not all trailer owners want it, you need to specify that you want one.

    Fuel Canister Holders

    People usually opt for two jerrycan holders because it’s a clean and safe way to hold the fuel. Way better than- keeping them inside your passenger cabin. Adding a gas bottle holder is similar and sought after option.

    Jockey Wheels

    The standard jockey wheel clamp is fitted on most single axle trailers. This allows for an easy fitting of jockey wheels if you want them.


    This one is for the tradies and it can get very specific. The boxes are made from aluminium and can be as large or as small as you want them to be. Some prefer them with doors opening sideways and closer to the vehicle. Others have bulky gear to take with them – have the measurements when approaching your trailer maker. Checkered plates are standard.

    Side Steps

    The whole process of loading and unloading cargo sometimes requires good access from the sides. Side steps can be easily added to your toy hauler to make it easier to do so.

    Ladder Racks

    This is a very popular and versatile addition to any trailer. One can use them to literally fix a ladder on them, but they can also be used to hold recreational items like bikes or professional gear like firefighting pumps.

    Ladder Racks

    Off-Road Coupling

    On road ball coupling might not cut the deal for you. That’s ok, because your toy hauler can have off-road coupling that will handle driving off the beaten path.

    These are some examples of the most requested types of customization. In general, if anyone else uses the hauler in a similar fashion, then it’s easy to find such options. And if your measurements are standardized (sizes usually come in batches) you can add them at a good price point, too. That’s not to say that one-of-a-kind requirements can’t be fulfilled. Have a clear idea of what you are after, come with exact measurements and you’ll find out if your project is attainable.

    Custom trailer solutions are easy to pursue here in Australia because we have decent trailer manufacturers that distinguish themselves with the level of after-sales service. And if you go to trailer makers with tradition then you get to bank on their decades-long experience in the field. Not all makers offer custom options because not all of them are orientated towards the specific needs of real people. Many aspects of homesteading, or outdoor occupations are quite unique and makers in the rest of the world might not have a cost-effective strategy to deliver. Fortunately, here you can find someone who utterly understands what you need – the rest is just a matter of ticking boxes.