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    Popular Types of Bonnet Scoops and How They Differ From One Another

    By on Last modified: March 10, 2021
    ford ranger with bonnet scoops

    Every engine requires clean, oxygen-rich air and the right air-to-fuel ratio for its combustion process to be optimal. And while most engines get a sufficient amount of air most of the time, vehicles used in rougher environments like off-road, require more. This is mainly due to the fact that the off-roads are filled with dust, dirt and other particles that can suffocate the engine and the air intake, decreasing performance and potentially damaging them. If you’re planning on venturing off the beaten trail, or if your daily commute involves driving through dirt roads, you should highly consider getting a 4×4 bonnet scoop.
    Bonnet scoops come in a wide range of shapes and types, all of which have a similar, yet distinct functionality and appearance. While most types will offer a decent amount of protection, they’re mainly used to improve your vehicle’s appearance. However, there are some poorly designed, good-looking scoops that don’t have an aerodynamic design and can actually create the extra drag, thus hurting your vehicle’s fuel economy and overall performance. For that reason, it’s worth taking the time to do some research on all the different types of bonnet scoops available today, and choose accordingly. Shop around before you buy to find the best deal, as there are countless different manufacturers and vendors supplying these aftermarket accessories.

    Shaker Scoops

    shaker scoop

    Unlike other scoops, shaker scoops aren’t actually placed on the bonnet. Instead, they’re mounted on the engine. They’re also known as shaker hoods or shaker systems. Some vehicle manufacturers tried to advertise them as Quivering Exposed Cold Air Grabbers, and while it’s a catchy and descriptive phrase, it didn’t stick with consumers. These aftermarket scoops are generally installed on V8 engines, and they go through a hole in the bonnet. 
    They’re called shaker scoops because they’re mounted on the engine, so when the engine operates, it vibrates, and so does the scoop. These scoops function by intaking the cool air pressurised by the velocity of your car and sending it right into the engine’s air filter. The only downside to installing a shaker scoop is that it can be quite loud.

    Ram Air Intake Scoops

    ram instake scoops

    Just like every other bonnet scoop, a ram air intake scoop will benefit your vehicle by supplying cool, dense air to your vehicle’s engine. However, this scoop, unlike the shaker scoop, functions as a cold air intake, while also providing the benefits that a shaker scoop does. Ram air intake scoops are small at the front of the bonnet, and their width gradually increases as they get closer to the engine. As a result, the air is forced inside faster, but by the time it reaches the engine, it slows back down. As a result, you get high-pressure air that replicates the workings of a supercharger. 
    The downside to ram air intake scoops is that they don’t work with carburettors. This is due to the fact that carburettors rely on pressure drops to get fuel, and as aforementioned, ram-air scoops change the pressure equation, resulting in problems. That being said, ram-air intake systems work best with carburettors that are specifically designed to operate with pressurised systems and vehicles with fuel injection systems. Further, these scoops are generally installed on performance and race vehicles, as you get the most benefit out of them when driving at higher speeds.

    Intercooler Scoops

    These scoops are usually installed on supercharger systems, and their main function is to provide cool, dense air to the car’s intercooler. While they don’t provide any performance benefits on their own, they can play a major role in ensuring your engine is cool enough when the turbocharger is in full swing. High temperatures are one of the main drawbacks of supercharged systems, which is why they have an intercooler. The majority of intercoolers are air-to-air, meaning that they take advantage of the cool air outside your vehicle to reduce the temperature of the air under the bonnet. In simple terms, intercooler scoops act as an extra point of ventilation for the bonnet.

    intercooler scoops

    Cowl Induction Scoops

    Cowl induction scoops aren’t considered as functional by a lot of people, as they don’t feature any noticeable openings, whereas most other bonnet scoops do. However, rather than have the openings facing forward, cowl induction scoops face the car’s windshield. What a lot of people don’t know is that the windshield is also a high-pressure area. This is due to the fact that air hits the windshield, and part of it is redirected down to the bonnet. Even vehicles without cowl induction scoops have vents in this area for this particular reason. Having said that, this type of bonnet scoop provides similar benefits as a cold air intake and other scoops, except it has the added benefit of being safe from damage that can result from road debris flying onto your bonnet, as its openings face backward.