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    Ultimate Guide to Car Carpet Underlay

    By on Last modified: April 7, 2021

    Cars are ubiquitous, yet many of us fail to appreciate how convenient they make life for billions of people around the world. These marvels of machinery and technology have paved the path for our society to function as it does today. Thanks to them, we can get anywhere we want with great ease and comfort, all in the privacy and power of our own vehicle. Since their inception, car designers have made every possible effort to make our driving experience more comfortable and enjoyable.

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    However, you can always customise your car further to your personal needs and preferences. You don’t need to settle for the factory setting. There are many types of customisations you can do, both external and internal. But if you’re worried about your car getting dirty, you can get a car carpet underlay. If you’re also concerned about it being cold in the car, carpet underlays provide that as an extra benefit as well. Just like a heating system can make all the difference in your home, an automotive carpet underlay can make all the difference in your car.

    Things to Know Before Buying a Car Carpet Underlay

    Choosing the right car carpet can be a difficult process, as there are many different types. That being said, you shouldn’t just jump at it and think that any underlay will do the job. When looking for a car carpet underlay, you need to take into account a lot of factors.

    Primary Uses of Car Carpet Underlays

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    The primary uses of a car carpet are thermal insulation and protection from stains. If you’re always cold, no matter how much you crank up the AC, a carpet for your car can make all the difference. It is an outstanding insulating material, as carpet fibres are natural insulators with low heat conduction values. As such, they can make all the difference in the colder seasons.

    But, this goes both ways. Insulation not only keeps your car warm, but also keeps it cool. Even in the hottest seasons, you can depend on it to make sure you aren’t sweating buckets.

    Lastly, no one likes it when a small piece of chocolate or some sauce drips on your flooring. The dirt particles of mud and ground that we bring in every time we step into our car aren’t pleasant to deal with either. Since carpets are removable pieces that you can always clean up or change, you don’t have to worry about your interior. This feature is especially useful as it preserves the value of your car. If you ever want to sell it, you can make sure it’s spotless for any buyer.

    Sound Deading and Waterproofing

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    Two extra benefits you can get with any underlay are better acoustic insulation and ensuring no water sticks to your carpet. Just make sure you either get a sound-dampening one with waterproof properties. And yes, all underlays provide acoustic insulation, but some are specifically made with thicker material to improve the sound deading properties. On the other hand, if you’re constantly in wet environments where a lot of water gets into your car, a waterproof underlay is ideal for protecting your vehicle from any water damage.

    How to Choose an Automotive Underlay

    Since there are many types on the market, it’s important to know what you should look for when buying a car underlay. Factors like material, cost, size and other extra features all play a role in this regard.

    Consider the Material

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    There are two industry standards – carpet and rubber. As you’ve probably noticed throughout this article, I’ve been referring to carpet underlays for the most part. And there are very good reasons for this. First, carpets are better at absorbing both water and dirt particles. Also, they’re much easier to clean as you can vacuum them. Lastly, as rubber doesn’t absorb water, it can make your foot slip while driving. Therefore, carpet is a safer option for a safer drive.

    Consider the Cost

    An underlay can be of great help, but it’s not a wonder accessory. That being said, never spend too much money on it. Some retailers will ask for a lot, but it should never be more expensive than a hundred bucks. In my opinion, anything over $120 is too much.

    Size Matters

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    You want the carpet underlay to fit perfectly across your entire vehicle with no wrinkles or folding. And yes, the process of measuring can be tiresome, but there’s nothing worse than seeing extra material stick out. Fortunately, there is an easier way to ensure this instead of measuring. You can always ensure that the one you buy matches the model, make and year of your vehicle. A car is different from a van, which is different from a lorry and so on.

    Extra Features

    For extra guarantee, you can search underlays that will not rot, attract mould or become damp. If you don’t want your car to smell, look bad, or have some sort of material damage, all of this can make a huge difference. It preserves the quality of your car, which is crucial for a quality driving experience.


    The installation of the car carpet underlay is the most difficult step in the process. As a result, it’s best if you visit a mechanic to install it for you. However, if you feel up to the task, here’s a quick overview of how it’s done.


    Mass Loaded Vinyl

    As the underlay goes under the entirety of your interior, you must first remove every single part of it. This includes your seats, central console, and much more. Only then can you apply the carpet underlay to your floor. And before you do that, you need to make sure that everything is clean. Then, you need to remove your original carpet, and you must do this slowly and carefully. Otherwise, you could damage your car. Finally, you should thoroughly clean it again so that there’s no garbage or debris that might cause bumps.


    If you want to have an easy time with the installation, you should get an underlay you can cut using a knife or scissors. As your underlay has to fit into your car exactly, this can enable you to cut it according to the dimensions you need. Furthermore, it’s best if the carpet you choose doesn’t need glue to be applied, but you can simply peel off the release liner and stick it once you press it.