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    Wine Tasting Subscriptions: Tap Into Your Inner Sommelier

    By on Last modified: March 19, 2021

    Are you a wine lover? Because if you are, we’re about to introduce you to something that will change the way you appreciate and consume this tasty beverage forever!

    Wine is one of the oldest drinks in the world, with roots spanning from around 7000 BC up until today, and counting! It’s no wonder it’s so many people’s favourite drink. There has been a lot of trial and error put into the efforts of making wine through the years that now we can choose from hundreds of different types, makers, sorts, and so on.

    With many different options, though, comes the struggle of finding new tastes. You may find yourself stuck drinking just one type and not daring to explore any further as it can be both costly and time-consuming, plus, how do you even know what’s good?
    wine subscription

    This is where a monthly wine tasting subscription comes in! That’s right, it’s a thing, and it’s a wonderful thing while we’re at it! Here’s why!

    You’ll Get to Try Something New Each Month

    When you sign up for a monthly wine subscription you’re not subscribing to a simple wine delivery service. You’re subscribing to a whole new world of tastes and aromas you’ve probably never tried before! You’re subscribing to an experience!

    Wine subscriptions are usually carefully crafted to suit the taste of everyone, with all red, all white, and mixed packages available. This means that you can customise your selection and never get something you know you’re not into.

    If red wine doesn’t sit right with your stomach you can get a premium selection of different white wines only! If white isn’t really your jam, a class assortment of quality reds will be delivered to your door!

    The great thing about this is that the wines will only share the same colour. Everything else will vary from bottle to bottle and you’ll get to experience a whole new world each time! Amazing, right?!

    It’s not just about the type though. You’ll get to experience different products from different wineries as well! Exploring the world of winemaking and finding new favourites will be a piece of cake.

    You’ll Enjoy Quality Wine Sourced by Professional Connoisseurs

    Instead of wandering around the liquor store, trying to figure out which wine might be good, by getting a wine subscription someone else will make that choice for you! Sure, you can probably ask the salesperson but isn’t a professional, an expert in the delicate field of wines someone who can give you much better advice on the matter?

    Wine subscriptions are usually curated by professional sommeliers and wine connoisseurs that take their wines seriously and really understand the nuanced differences between them! This means that each wine bottle you receive will be of approved quality and tested out before being included in the package.

    By being a part of a wine club, you’re eliminating the wandering process and hopping straight to the delicious finish line without a worry in the world!

    a bartender opens a bottle of red wine wearing a protective mask due to the coronavirus pandemic. Safety reopening of restaurants after the covid-19 lockdown.
    a bartender opens a bottle of red wine wearing a protective mask due to the coronavirus pandemic. Safety reopening of restaurants after the covid-19 lockdown.

    It’s important to make sure you’re subscribing to a well-known monthly wine club subscription since those are the only ones that can actually be trusted with the selection of wines! Anything else, no matter how tempting, is just not worth it.

    Another great thing about trusted wine subscriptions is that if you happen to not like a wine you’ve received – you can just say so and they’ll usually replace it! There’s a guarantee on that!

    And You’ll Get to Save Up!

    It might not seem like it at first, but by getting a wine subscription you’ll actually be saving yourself some money.

    Sure, the cost of the subscription might seem a bit high sometimes, but remember that you’re paying in advance for a year’s supply of diverse, new wines you’re bound to enjoy!

    Subscribing will also eliminate the searching process, so you’re definitely not going to be spending any more money on stuff you think might be good, that turns out isn’t that tasty after all.

    As we mentioned above, many wine subscriptions offer a replacement service for wines you’ve received but don’t like, so there’s absolutely nothing you can lose. The list of gains is pretty long, though!

    Since you’re basically bulk-buying, you’ll actually get more products but pay less. If, for example, a wine included in your subscription box has a retail value of $60, you can be sure you won’t actually be paying $60 for it, but a price that’s way lower than that!

    Taking into account the diversity you’re getting and how many of the wines you’ll receive are award-winning beverages, it really seems like there are no downsides!

    Choose Your Supplier Carefully

    While a monthly wine subscription is definitely a fun experience, there may be downsides, though, but only if you’re not careful. We mentioned getting subscribed to known or recommended subscriptions only, as they are the only ones that can be trusted with quality and taste. There’s another aspect of this, too, and it’s hidden fees.

    Not to go too deep into it, but some subscription providers may require you to sign a contract you can’t back out of until it’s completed. Others can have hidden shipping fees. Some are known to even include joining fees that can be pricey and make you doubt the legitimacy and experience.

    By going with a known supplier, you can be sure none of this will happen to you and you’re getting exactly what you’re promised!

    If all of this sounds good, it’s time for you to find a good service, subscribe, get your best wine glasses ready, and await your first shipment! It’s going to be amazing!