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6 Yogis’ Tips for For When Buying Your First Yoga Mat

By on Last modified: May 17, 2016

So you have decided to follow the trend and be a part of the yoga world. Good for you. The therapeutic benefits of practising yoga are numerous and yoga also has the power to help you with specific health issues and medical conditions. In fact, a lot of surveys have shown that a regular yoga practice can boost healthier lifestyle habits such as help reduce alcohol consumption as well as the habit of smoking. These are just some of the yoga benefits, and by know, you are probably familiar with all the wonders yoga can do, but before you start practising yoga, you need to equip yourself with the right yoga props, precisely the right yoga mat.

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The chosen yoga mat must provide you with enough comfort between your body and the floor while cushioning your elbows, hips and knees. When it comes to yoga mats AU stores have a lot to offer; but you need to choose the one that will cushion your body the right way. So forget about the cheap yoga mats or rentals which can be the perfect “nest” for bacteria and germs, and learn what to look for when buying your first yoga mat.

Different Mats For Different Purposes

Not all mats are created equal – some are eco-friendly, some are lightweight while others are designed for travelling. Convenient, right? However, the trick to choose the ideal one for you, is according to the types of yoga you are doing. If looking for yoga mats AU yogis recommend to stick to your needs, that is, do not choose a mat designed for pilates for example, as it can be too slippery.

Quality Above All

If you want your yoga mat to last, invest in a quality one. There are plenty inexpensive mats available on the market made of cheaper and chemically treated materials that can do harm to your body and the environment as well. They will also wear down after a few months, which is another reason why you need to invest in quality. Quality yoga mats are more durable and will surely last for many years to come, which really pays off in the long run.

Invest in a Brand

Not all of us can afford branded clothes, but when it comes to our health, we must invest in it. So, when in the store looking for the right yoga mat, check for well-known brands you can trust as they can provide you with quality yoga mats that will not endanger your health.

Thickness = Comfiness

Comfiness is one of the most important benefits to look for in a yoga mat. That is why you must look for a thick and dense yoga mat, one that could make you feel comfortable and cushioned while performing specific yoga poses.

Go Green

There are yoga mats available on the market which are made of biodegradable and natural materials, which is great for the environment. Just keep in mind that if you opt for a rubber yoga mat, for example, it will have a rubber smell for at least two weeks or so. On the other hand, you can pick a cotton mat, but keep in mind that is slippery, while cork and jute mats will wear down quickly.

Try It Before You Buy It

Before you buy a specific yoga mat, make sure you first try it. Ask your friends or yoga teacher if they can help you choose the best one for your needs. Or, you can try one of theirs’ – if you like it you will surely find the same or a similar one and buy it for yourself.