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Helical Worm Gear Motor Provides for a Smooth and Quiet Operation

By on Last modified: June 8, 2016

Gear motors are specifically constructed systems that combine electrical motors together with gears. They are a simple configure package that eliminates the need for complex designs and separate integration of motors and gears. Gear motors have a simple yet efficient design. They operate just like any other type of electrical motor by making use of magnetism induced by an electrical current to rotate a rotor. The rotor is attached to a shaft and the connected devices are powered when the energy is transmitted from the rotor to the shaft.

The simplified integration and design increase the function of the gear motor. Electromagnets produce a magnetic current which turns the gears that are housed inside a specially integrated gearbox. The right combination of a gearbox and motor is of utmost importance for the proper operation of any application. It ensures that the device is working quickly and efficiently and reduces operational costs.

Helical Worm Gear Motor

The basic function of gearboxes is to change the speed (PRM) of the electrical motor. They basically reduce the speed in order to increase the motor’s output torque. There are various models of gearboxes that come with different features and of course include different physical components. Also, different models are made of different steel materials like aluminium, brass and iron. Some models of gearboxes can also be manufactured from polycarbonate, nylon or other plastic materials. Besides different materials, gearboxes and motors also come in a variety of different ratios, sizes, efficiencies, etc. Manufacturers offer a range of different types that have different performance characteristics, however, the most commonly used for demanding industrial applications is the helical worm gear motor. This advanced type of motor incorporates highly efficient features and provides many advantages.

The helical worm gear motor provides smooth and quite operation and is a very cost-effective and efficient solution for all types of industrial devices and applications. It comes with an advanced design and includes helical gears that are cut at angles to provide gradual contact between the teeth of each gear. Moreover, the gears offer a high level of horsepower and efficiency and are usually made of aluminium alloy, iron metal or cast iron. Another advantage of the helical worm gear motor is that it requires very little to no maintenance and is able to withstand high sock loads. Furthermore, it provides a high level of precision and incorporates an advanced braking system.

These motors can be used for a range of different applications which require both efficiency and high speeds. They are for example used in elevators, waste-water systems, blowers, rolling mills, cutters and many other devices and applications.