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    Bodybuilding Supplements to Help You with Muscle Growth

    By on Last modified: April 11, 2017

    Our bodies are our temples; you’ve probably heard this by now. It’s amazing what all they’re capable of, but we often don’t treat them with the attention they deserve. When we think of it better, our bodies are the homes our souls reside in, and as such we should take care of them in the proper way. It’s no vanity to want to look our best self, but having a fit body doesn’t just happen overnight. If you binge on snacks and low-quality foods accompanied by leading a predominantly sedentary lifestyle, you can expect your body to act accordingly by resulting in health issues and weight imbalance.Bodybuilding Supplements Australia

    When you set your mindset to achieving fitness, however, it’s important not to give up easily the moment you see things are moving slower towards your goals than you thought they would. Instead of letting yourself be discouraged when you don’t see the desired outcome concerning weight management and bodybuilding even after you’ve implemented exercise and a well-balanced nutritious diet in your day to day life, you can count on the many bodybuilding supplements Australia specialised shops and suppliers abound in.

    You might not be sure on which ones to choose, or whether you should give them a try at all, but there are three bodybuilding supplements Australia bodybuilders are hooked on:

    • when protein
    • BCAA and glutamine
    • all containing amino acids

    The primary reason they’re the preferred options in speeding up the muscle mass build up process is because they improve workout recovery – they help muscle growth while still burning calories. Along with these main purposes, these supplements improve the immune system, metabolism and endurance in general, things of utmost importance when undergoing intense training.

    As they easily supply the muscle tissues with nutrients, it’s advisable to take them right after a workout session, though prior to it wouldn’t hurt either. However, same as with everything else, measure is the key to success. Just because they’re beneficial to your body goals doesn’t mean taking them in great amounts can’t do any damage. For instance, the recommended daily dose of whey protein is eight grams of protein per kilo of bodyweight, three to five grams of BCAAs pre and post workouts as well as the same amount upon waking up, and 20 to 30 grams of glutamine.

    The best way to take those 20 to 30 grams of glutamine is to divide the dosage throughout the day and take it with meals that contain carbs for optimal results; as for the whey protein, you can easily combine it with fruits, such as bananas, blueberries, peaches, pears, coconut milk and add in vanilla or chocolate for some flavour and you got yourself a nutritious shake. It’s advisable to consider the help of a nutritional calculator to give you an insight on the amount of protein you can consume through supplements.