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    What are the Best Immune System Boosters in the Form of Supplements

    By on Last modified: August 26, 2019
    immunity booster medicines


    Without any doubt, eating clean and healthy can aid our immune system and make it stronger. Unfortunately, there are times when our system can fail us regardless of the quality of the food we consume. Sometimes, the body requires a lot more help in the form of some of the most important vitamins and minerals. Fortunately, today we can enjoy the use of a plethora of vitamins, minerals and other immunity booster medicines, which usually come in the form of supplements. All of them are designed with one purpose in mind, to stock up the body with the needed things in order to develop a better protection against illnesses.

    Vitamin C
    vitamin c


    Vitamin C is one of the most available and powerful vitamins that can boost the immune system. Except for this, vitamin C immunity booster medicines can protect one from cardiovascular diseases, eye diseases, and prenatal health problems. Women can also find vitamin C great as it is a useful anti skin ageing ally. When consuming foods high in vitamin C, nutritionists recommend sticking to oranges, grapefruits, spinach, strawberries, broccoli, and kale. However, out of all, the cubanelle pepper is considered the one that contains the highest levels of vitamin C. But as mentioned, sometimes food alone cannot satisfy one’s body needs of vitamin C, hence, the need to supplement.




    Also known as purple coneflower, Echinacea is one of the most popular medicines used by homoeopathic doctors in Europe. It is used mainly for treating wounds and general infections, strep throat, allergies, cold and flu. This herb works by encouraging lymphocytes and white blood cells to attack the invading organisms. That way, the activity of the body’s immune system cells can be increased, thus helping the immune system fight off the infection.

    Olive Leaf

    olive leaf


    The use of olive oil on a daily basis is pretty common. Except for the use in salads, extra virgin olive oil is great for the skin and hair, but what some of you might not know is that olive leaf extract is a great immune system booster. It has been used in the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern regions since ever for fighting the common cold and flu. Due to being rich in disease-fighting phytochemicals, olive leaf supplements are also great for increasing the energy levels, fighting autoimmune diseases, stabilizing blood sugar levels and lowering blood pressure.