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    Superfoods You Should Be Eating Right Now

    By on Last modified: July 13, 2015

    In the past, eating green foods was considered healthy. However with further nutrition researches, it was discovered that not all vegetables and fruits have the same healthy characteristics nor offer the same benefits to human health. Actually, a whole new range of ‘superfoods’ has been announced as being the greatest things people should consume. Which superfoods are the best, and what are they good for?


    Manuka Honey

    Raw honey has been used for centuries to treat a variety of ailments. Hippocrates used to call it the ‘liquid gold’ due to its medicinal benefits. Today, there is not only anecdotal evidence but also scientific studies proving that honey has powerful therapeutic value.

    Though raw honey is good for you, Manuka honey is even better. The secret lies in the Manuka tree, which is found in remote areas of Australia and New Zealand. Wild Manuka trees produce compounds with strong antibiotic, antibacterial and antifungal properties, that can boost a person’s overall health. Health benefits of Manuka honey are:

    • It promotes general well-being
    • It helps fight sore throats and the common cold
    • It helps reduce inflammation
    • It assists in the healing of wounds and abrasions
    • It treats skin conditions like psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema and dry skin


    Propolis is a substance produced by the bees and used to seal their hives. What is amazing about it is that it is a nutrient packed with disease-fighting powers. Propolis is a complete natural antibiotic that does not lead to any unfavorable side effects. It is rich in flavonoids, which help in healing wounds effectively and when applied topically, it fights many sorts of microorganisms and bacteria. Propolis contain also minerals, vitamin E, C, fats, amino acids, provitamin A and B comples. Health benefits of propolis are:

    • It supports the body’s natural immune function
    • It helps relieve symptoms associated with throat infection and mouth ulcers
    • It assists in the healing of minor cuts and abrasions, skin irritations and acne
    • It assists in the maintenance of general oral health

    Bee Pollen

    Bee products are amazing and are getting increased popularity among those seeking natural and health superfoods. Among the bee products that are well known, is bee pollen, a relatively unknown superfood that is becoming very popular due to the numerous health benefits it offers.

    • It promotes an improves skin health
    • It enhances energy production and metabolism
    • It may assist in weight loss
    • It supports digestive health, metabolism, bone strength, liver function and muscle health
    • It supports immune health
    • It may assist with allergy prevention

    Whether you decide to take these superfoods as a daily supplement or add them to cereals or smoothies, it is your decision, however, make sure you do since these amazing foods are all you need to give your health a boost.