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    Coastal Outdoor Furniture Guide: Turn Your Garden Into a Holiday Retreat

    By on Last modified: August 3, 2022

    If you’re all about that feeling of peace and fun you get when you’re near the beach, then the coastal design is just for you. Characterised by the reflection of natural seaside elements and often confused with nautical design, this style has been around for ages. It offers you to create spaces that reflect a breezy, beach-like feel. 

    The easiest way to incorporate coastal design into your home space is to start with your outdoor area. Whether you have a garden or a well-designed patio or deck, you can quickly turn it into a holiday retreat with the help of coastal outdoor furniture. Here are some simple steps for choosing the right furniture pieces to create the perfect outdoor design that’ll make you feel like you’re at the beach year-round.

    Decide on the Purpose of Your Outdoor Area

    Before buying furniture and designing a space, you must decide its purpose. Ask yourself how you plan on using your outdoor area; it can help you make the best of it and choose the right furniture pieces for the space.

    Do you have a big garden and think of turning it into a large entertaining area? If yes, it’s best to look for a coastal outdoor setting, including a long narrow slatted dining table and matching side chairs, or even better: backless benches that fit under the table.

    coastal patio furniture as modern details for your backyard

    Or, maybe you have a small patio and want to cosy it up by creating an ultimate lounge area, coastal-style. Choosing sleek coastal patio furniture pieces like teak armchairs and a coffee table may be right up your alley. Foldable options will help you save up on space if you’re short of it and are also convenient for storing away during bad weather.

    Choose High-Quality Materials

    Although materials are a crucial consideration when choosing furniture in general, they’re vital for choosing pieces for outdoor use. Your patio tables, chairs and sofas will have to go through wear and tear different from those typical for indoor spaces. Since its exposure to the elements, if you want your outdoor furniture to last a lifetime, you need to choose pieces made from high-quality materials. 

    And while metal and certain types of plastic have the best rating in terms of durability, coastal design usually incorporates many natural elements to create a relaxed vibe. You can easily achieve that through furniture with the use of weathered woods in lighter tones. That doesn’t mean you have to compromise on quality.

    What Is the Most Durable Wood for Outdoor Furniture?

    Teak makes for luxurious outdoor furniture, proving popular across Australia and worldwide. But its beautiful aesthetic appeal is one of its main offerings; strong and tall, teak is a sturdy and hard timber, meaning it thrives in furniture form. It’s the most durable hardwood, making it the perfect material for life-lasting outdoor furniture. Here are more reasons why teak coastal patio furniture is the best choice for your garden?

    • Weather resistant. Teak’s natural oils repel water, keeping it from warping, cracking and becoming brittle, making it able to withstand all types of weather. No hard rains, severe winter snow storms or the broiling sun will diminish its strength. The fact that most high-end ski lodges decide on teak outdoor furniture pieces tells enough about teak’s waterproof quality. And in England, you can see century-old teak park benches made from dismantled ships – a testament to the durability of this wood. 
    • Pest resistant. The same oils that protect against elements serve as repellents against insects like termites and marine borers. You won’t need to worry about pests if you choose teak outdoor furniture.
    • Low maintenance. Teak wood doesn’t need paint or varnish. The wood’s high oil content teak will fade to a beautiful, even-coloured tone without looking patchy or black. To show off its showroom lustre, you only need to apply a natural teak sealer from a marine store when needed.
    • Eco-friendly. Its durability and low maintenance make teak one of the most eco-friendly outdoor furniture materials.
    teak wood coastal patio furniture

    Tips for Enjoying Your Coastal Style Garden All Year

    Choosing waterproof coastal outdoor furniture is just a part of the equation for creating a beach-inspired outdoor area that you can enjoy year-round. Here are some ideas for enhancing your outdoor space. 

    Consider Heating

    Heat things up by adding a source of heat near the seating area to extend your hours spent outside. A firepit is a great way to gather people around to drink a hot beverage or roast marshmallows.  A permanent or portable outdoor fireplace or a patio gas heater are other options to warm up cold guests. 

    Add More Lighting

    In the summer, you’ll need some string lights or lanterns to create a festive atmosphere. Keep them up throughout the fall and winter because it gets darker earlier in the season. To light up your outdoor areas, add more lighting and re-adjust timers. Along with different types, such as path markers, spotlights, and patio string lights, lighting fixtures can be solar and LED.

    A BBQ or Outdoor Kitchen

    Food is said to taste better when put on BBQ, and this is true in any season. Barbecuing needs to continue well after summer and give us the beach vibes all year. Cook and eat outside while putting on an extra shirt or sweater, using a heat lamp, and changing the menu to include more hearty fare.

    Add a Hot Tub

    Hot tubs are popular all year round for a reason: they make you feel warm and relaxed at any time of the year. But when the temperature drops, soaking in a spa tub feels particularly good. Whether it’s for a solo soak or an impromptu party with friends after a game or evening out, a hot tub feels warm and inviting.

    Year-Round Gardening

    On your patio, deck, or porch, put patio modern planters to grow seasonal flowers, herbs, and vegetables in pots close to your home. Even if you have to wear a jacket and gloves, you’re more likely to spend time outside and get used to the idea of spending time outside. Once you’ve finished your outdoor winter gardening tasks, relax in your warm environment.