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    Eco-Friendly Outdoor Furniture Guide: Green Your Outdoor Space

    By on Last modified: January 27, 2022

    The backyard is undeniably the best part of the house. It can be ideal for all sorts of purposes if used correctly. Some people like to use it as a private garden, while others turn it into their extra storage area. However, the best way to get the most out of it is by turning it into a cosy place meant for nice get-togethers. I mean, who doesn’t enjoy outdoor parties and events? It’s a great way to spend time with your closest friends and family.

    Now, in order to achieve that welcoming outdoors vibe, you will need quality outdoor furniture. You can pick from various types of outdoor style designs, but the best thing you can do is choose an eco-friendly theme. Not only will it benefit the environment, but it will also bring you tons of benefits.

    Picking Environmentally Friendly Materials for Your Backyard

    Wondering what kind of furniture is eco friendly? Well, it all lies in the materials. Here are some of the most popular choices on the market.

    Rattan Furniture

    This is probably one of the most requested and preferred materials for natural furnishings. Plus, it’s very easy to find – you can turn your backyard into the ultimate green paradise by buying your outdoor furniture online.

    Outdoor Rattan Furniture

    Rattan is actually a fibrous, trailing vine that comes from the jungles of Malaysia, China and Asia. It is very lightweight which means it can be curved and bent very easily, making it ideal for the manufacturing of quality furnishings. Not just that, this material is known to be extremely durable and renewable. This is exactly what makes it an eco-friendly type. Not just that, harvesters will only have to cut down vines instead of whole trees in order to produce the needed furniture. This will result in fewer trees being cut down, and help clear out vines and pieces that will allow the forest to stay intact. Also, since these vines are very fast-growing, those same spots can also be harvested again after just a couple of years.


    Bamboo has been used in the manufacturing business ever since the late 1800s. People began to use it for making small accessories, musical instruments, kitchen utensils and now it is a widely popular material that makes up top-quality furniture. The reason why people go for bamboo is that it is very sustainable. It is scratch-resistant and can be very hard to tear. Extreme weather conditions also don’t pose a threat to this sturdy, yet light material.

    It’s also a very fast-growing natural resource, meaning it is inexhaustible. Its versatility is superb as well. You can choose from numerous bamboo furniture designs and still get the same strength accompanied by an aesthetically pleasing look.

    Repurposed Wood

    Let’s not forget the outdoor wooden furniture choice. Repurposed, or as some like to call it – salvaged wood is a very good environmental pick for the furniture-making process. The name already gives away what kind of material it really is. It’s a recycled kind of wood which can be used to make all sorts of items. It can impact the environment in a very good way because instead of constantly cutting down new trees for the purpose of furniture production, people can just opt for re-using their old, wooden items as a source. In fact, vintage wood might look way better in your backyard than any other type of material.

    wooden patio

    Stone Age Furniture

    This material has been undeniably used for the longest time. People back in the Stone Age really enjoyed making things out of plain rocks. It’s already obvious that it is a very eco-friendly choice, given it won’t impact nature in any way, if we decide to use it. It’s very durable and stylish, making it ideal for your outdoor area. It can also be made in numerous different shapes and sizes, so it’s all up to your preferences.

    Now, a lot of people might argue that stone-based furniture might not be as appealing. This is definitely not true. Nowadays, manufacturers can handle and shape stone in very aesthetically pleasing forms. As for the comfort, you can always add a couple of soft cushions and blankets on top of it.

    Benefits of Owning Environmental Furnishings


    Given that the materials are all-natural and organic, you can be sure that your furniture will be completely free from harmful toxins and chemicals. This can make your outdoor area quite safe and healthy for all your friends and family.


    If you manage to pick the right time of the year to do the furniture shopping, you will surely end up with high-quality items that you got for a very reasonable price tag. Even if you don’t have the proper timing, recycled materials do tend to be a lot cheaper as opposed to processed ones.

    Reduced Environmental Impact

    Obviously, by choosing recycled and renewable materials, you will be doing your planet earth a huge favour. Less natural resources being cut equals a safer environment.

    reduced environmental garden furniture

    Durable and Low-Maintenance

    As mentioned above, all of the natural materials tend to be extremely durable and resistant. This means that you won’t need to keep changing your furnishings and decor as often, and you won’t have to worry about it getting damaged. Note that you also won’t have to spend a lot of time taking care and maintaining it.


    Nowadays, you can easily get your eco-friendly outdoor furniture online and make your backyard all-natural and inviting, all from the comfort of your home. It’s a small step for a better world that will only do you well. Don’t be afraid to go green!