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    Shopping for a Cloud Couch: The Key Piece of Your Living Room Comfort Puzzle

    By on Last modified: April 5, 2023

    While we spend a considerable amount of time in the bedroom and bathroom for obvious reasons, the living room isn’t that far behind with its utility given that it’s the main entertainment and relaxation hub for the whole family plus visitors. As such, it’s a room where comfort is of the essence in enhancing the whole experience and making it all the more enjoyable and useful.

    With this thought in mind, when wanting to take your space to the next level, there are probably various ideas you can come up with to add an extra dose of comfort, and yet the one that would truly make a difference would be the sofa as the focal piece of furniture. If you like to keep up with the trends, and what the celebrities are buying, then look no further than a deep-seated big cloud couch created for your utmost enjoyment.

    big cloud couch

    Do You Really Need a Cloud Couch?

    You may think any sofa would do, but whatever the other designs offer, consider it doubled with this one. The deep seat 100% feather-wrapped foam seat cushions, and the additional 100% feather-filled oversized back cushions, with your choice of upholstery make for a combination that guarantees cosiness, hence the name.

    Get yourself one of these couches, test them out, and see what it feels like sitting and lounging on a cloud. Once you do, no other design can compare! Still, with so many options of this celebrity favourite and replicas that look and feel the same, how does one find the perfect match for their living room needs?

    Consider the Size

    Despite the many advantages a big cloud couch offers, there’s one aspect that troubles some customers, and that is the bulky frame. Although the designs may differ when it comes to this very feature, as there are single-seaters, as much as two- and three-seater couches of the sort, the frame tends to be somewhat bigger than other alternatives. The word of advice here would be to pay attention to the measurements when shopping.

    If you’re buying online, look for the specs of the desired model to see the exact dimensions so you can get an idea and measure up the suitable space in your living as well as your doors to get some clue as to whether it’s the right fit. In case the model is somewhat bigger than your doors, be sure to contact the shop and check if there’s a possibility they could send the couch disassembled.

    Look Into the Comfort

    We’ve established the sophisticated cloud couch is one of the most sought-after in terms of comfort, however, the fabric of the upholstery and the filling of the cushions may not be enough to get an idea of the level of comfort. For instance, another one of the complaints of some clients is that the seats are too deep and low for them to easily get up.

    If you share the home with people who have some degree of mobility issues, consider whether this is the right choice for them. Check the seat depth, the frame and cushions’ height, and then compare various models to find the ideal one for everyone in your household.

    grey cloud sofa

    Check the Maintenance

    Cleaning chores are the last thing most of us want to think of when shopping, and yet it’s a crucial factor that you simply can’t overlook. Upholstery made up of organic and synthetic fabrics, like corduroy as a blend of cotton with polyester and nylon, is soft, nice to the touch, thick and durable, and somewhat easier to maintain so be sure to keep this in mind on your next purchase.

    Maintenance-wise, a gentle wash cycle in the washing machine will do to keep these fabrics clean. If you share your home with pets that tend to shed a lot of fur, then you need to buy a low-maintenance couch with an easy-to-care-for fabric that won’t add more maintenance to your life than you can handle. Unless it’s tightly woven, corduroy is a fabric that tends to attract lint and pet hair, unlike leather, linen, and suede, for example.

    If you have allergies, these are better choices too. Now, in terms of the cushions, given that they’re filled with down feathers, they compress after each sitting so it’s recommended to fluff them up to keep them in top shape. Hold each one at a time in one hand, check for lumpy parts and strike with the other hand to fluff up. If needed, rotate them for more fluff to spread evenly throughout the cushion.

    When the time comes for getting something new to change things up again with your interior décor, you can save up by opting to have the cushions refilled instead of replaced. This is enough to give new life to your couch too, so it’s a solution that would further extend its lifespan.