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    How to Decorate Your Home in Hamptons Style

    By on Last modified: November 8, 2023

    Inspired by the chic coastal communities on Long Island, New York, the Hamptons style has become a symbol of timeless elegance and sophistication while combining beachy motifs and relaxing colours. Its elegant and calm interiors with natural, light colours and marine motifs are the hallmarks of American coastal style. It can be cosy or super luxurious, in warm or cool shades – it all depends on your taste.

    Why Is Hampton Style so Popular?

    big living room decorated with hamptons style

    This style has gathered a dedicated following in recent years for several reasons. It brings a touch of coastal living to any home, no matter where you live. Its fresh and airy ambience can make you feel like you’re on vacation all year long. Another advantage is that the style is versatile, making it suitable for many architectural structures and layouts.

    Characteristics of Hamptons Style

    This style exudes a sense of timeless elegance and relaxed sophistication, which makes it very popular among people who live near the beach or among those who want to feel like they live near the beach. It’s quite relaxing and inviting, and when decorated nicely with wooden tables or a comfortable hampton sofa as the focal point, it makes you feel like you’re on vacation in your own home. But, here are some of the characteristics that define the style and that create an inviting atmosphere in any space.

    Colour Palate

    If you’ve decided to redecorate your home and you’ve picked this style, you need to take the colours into consideration. The colour palette is an essential element of the Hampton style. The predominant colours are white, soft neutrals like beige and taupe, grey and blue. These hues reflect the sea, sky and sand, and bring tranquillity to your home by opening up the space. When trying to achieve the Hamptons style, it’s best to avoid bright colours, such as pink, red, yellow and brown since they detract from the relaxing effect you’re trying to achieve.

    Natural Light

    One of the main characteristic features of a Hamptons style is the abundance of natural light in your home. Large windows with sheer curtains allow sunlight to brighten your space. Remove heavy drapes or even blinds and opt for white curtains to maximise light diffusion. If your home doesn’t get much natural lighting, then you need to buy lamps that would fit the theme, and maybe even rattan chandeliers that give off beachy vibes.

    Natural Materials

    Hamptons furniture and décor, just like coastal and beach interiors, feature natural materials. These materials include rattan, linen, jute and wool to bring out that soft, coastal look that you’re trying to achieve. If you actually live near a beach these materials are perfect because they are breathable. They bring warmth and texture to the predominantly white and blue palette making your living space look inviting.

    Furniture Selection

    Hamptons sofa in the living room

    When styling a Hampton-inspired house, you want to go for a look that makes it easy to relax and enjoy after a long day, which should also be elegant and inviting. You want to choose pieces that you will live with decades later. Some of the furniture that completes the Hamptons look is oversized armchairs, a nice hampton sofa as the main seating, or rattan chairs and round tables. What colour is Hamptons furniture? Any of the mentioned colours like white, beige, and navy blue.

    Hampton Sofa

    The living room is the heart of every home. It’s where we chill and spend time with family and friends. The most important piece of the living room is the sofa, same as the bed is for the bedroom. It’s the centrepiece and everything around it is just complementing it. In Hampton style, the sofa is undoubtedly the piece of furniture that will make or break the look, so it’s essential to select the right one.

You need to consider many things before selecting the perfect sofa for your living room, and the first thing should be comfort. Since you’ll be spending a lot of time sitting on it, it should be comfortable, so when buying a sofa make sure that it feels pleasant and soft when sitting on it.

    In terms of materials, we mentioned some options that are part of this style – a linen sofa with a natural feel to the touch is a perfect pick. As for the colour, opt for either grey or maybe even navy blue because they’re not as easily stained as white. Also, maybe consider buying a Hamptons slipcover sofa which is very practical and it excuses that lived-in energy that’s central to Hamptons aesthetic.

    When it comes to the size of the sofa, pick one that is proportionate to your space, because as important as it is, you also need room for other furniture to complete the vibe. And, don’t forget to accessorise your sofa. Add some cushions to make it look more comfortable, inviting and relaxing.

    Other Accessories

    Adding accessories is important to make your space more cosy and alluring. This style in particular even though it might look boring to some people due to the lack of vibrant colours, it comes with many accessories which turn your home into a nice beach house where you feel at ease. Let’s look at some accessories that will achieve exactly that look:

    • Cushions: As mentioned earlier, cushions are a fantastic way to add pops of colour and texture to your living room. You can also experiment with different shapes and sizes to create a visually appealing arrangement.
    • Vases: Another great way to incorporate colour in your rooms is with the help of vases. Pick white or blue ceramic vases with different designs and patterns to add to a coastal-looking space.
    • Flowers: Fill in those vases with some freshly picked flowers to evoke a sense of casual elegance. You can even put those flowers in woven baskets to elevate the ambience in the room.

    Incorporating the Hamptons style in your home is an exhilarating adventure because it enhances the space you have and turns it into a comfortable place to live in. The style’s timeless appeal can transform any space into a place of refined comfort and elegance.

    Whether you’re looking to capture the essence of coastal living, or are simply seeking a peaceful and airy interior, the Hamptons style offers a perfect solution. By embracing its characteristic colour palette and natural light you can craft a Hamptons-inspired environment that is both visually stunning and supremely comfortable.