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    The Scoop on the Right Time of the Year to Buy Your Furniture

    By on Last modified: September 27, 2018

    They say timing is everything – and that’s especially true when buying furniture. This process requires so many considerations upfront that it can be a real challenge to narrow down your choices and find the perfect pieces of furniture. Their size, design, colours, prices and figuring out whether the pieces you are looking at are quality or not – should all be taken into account before splurging on new furniture.

    moder office furniture

    But worry not, I got you. Well, at least when it comes to the prices and finding good bargains for the different types of furniture you need. So, regardless of whether you are buying for residential or commercial use, knowing when is the right time to shop for certain types of furniture can be the difference between spending a fortune and saving up a great deal. Let’s talk details, shall we?

    Office Furniture

    It might sound strange to some of you, but the best time to buy office furniture is after tax day. However, if this isn’t the right time for you to invest, wait until the back-to-school shopping season when you can find dazzling yet affordable modern office storage furniture. Door storage units, shelves, and drawers are just some of the many pieces of modern office storage furniture that you can find on these sales, and the best part is that you can buy something more extravagant and pricey at a lower cost. These sales are a real blast as both buyers and sellers are satisfied – sellers get to sell everything ‘old’, while customers get a chance to buy stylish and quality furniture pieces at reasonable prices.

    Indoor and Outdoor Home Furniture

    When it comes to indoor furniture, the best months to shop for it are January and July. These times of the year there are a lot of discounts as stores need to make room for the new models which they usually get twice a year (between summer and wintertime). During this discount time you can expect drastic price cuts, but don’t let this stop you from asking for more discount if you think there’s a chance for you to get it. The best outdoor furniture deals, on the other hand, can be scored during late summer and early autumn as this is the time when end-of-season sales happen. Since manufacturers launch new models every year, they need to ‘get rid of’ the old ones and the best way to that is through a sale.