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    Office Productivity: The Reasons to Give Partition Walls a Try

    By on Last modified: January 9, 2019

    Though it might not seem so, employee productivity depends a great deal on the environment in the office. This being said, the design of the workplace is key in how successful a business would turn out to be, so it deserves more consideration.

    Of course, ergonomics has a lot to do with efficiency, from the importance of the choice of furniture to the choice of useful accessories, such as computer monitor arms, and additional equipment to maintain the place neat and keep clutter at bay.

    However, this isn’t all there is to it, more so when productivity depends on it. It’s fun when you work with more people (at least some of the time), but then it’s easy to get on each other’s nerves too, especially when it’s an open planned office. Popular as it might have been, it’s no longer the ideal design, regardless of how appealing it appears to be.

    Other than being annoyed by noises and putting colleague relationships at risk, the productivity lessens as the stress increases, and as a result the quality and volume of the work as well as the profits suffer, which is where the partition wall comes to the rescue. The bigger the team, the bigger the requirement for partitioning systems.

    Partition Walls

    This flexible solution allows for both privacy and soundproofing and is much more affordable than putting up walls. It’s also less time-consuming and easier to add so there’s minimal disruption, plus you get to choose from different materials, not just plaster but also glass, for instance – a decision that depends on how much soundproofing and structure sturdiness you need.

    It’s needless to say the partition wall has a rather aesthetic role too and can change the office interior décor for the better. It’s a system that allows for the office to be separated in cubicles, becoming a creative workplace where there’s room for everyone and everything, including break rooms.

    Additionally, the partitions help with the lighting and temperature, both aspects that are essential for productivity. For example, with the installing of glass partitions, you get to benefit both privacy and soundproofing without affecting natural lighting and the beautiful views.

    This isn’t to be overlooked since it has its effects on employee sleep and health in general. As for temperature, they help enhance the air flow, preserving the heat in winter and coolness in summer, improving air quality altogether; all reasons why you should give the solution a try!