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    Dress Up Your Bedroom: Here’s Why You Should Choose a Teak Bed Frame

    By on Last modified: March 16, 2022

    Your bedroom is that sacred place where you can cocoon yourself after a long day. With the right furniture and decor, you can turn it into an otherworldly escape place.

    And the bed is undoubtedly the most important part of designing a bedroom. It’s the focal point that you first notice when you walk in there. The perfect bed depends on numerous important elements, ranging from comfy bedding to a high-quality bed frame.

    If you want to get the best out of everything, try a modern custom bed that lets you manually pick out all the elements, like for instance the frame. The bed frame is the basis of any bed. Frames are made from a variety of different materials and the one you choose can greatly impact your sleeping quality as well as the aesthetic value of the room. This is why I strongly suggest considering the range of teak bed frames.

    Fibreboard vs Metal vs Teak Bed Frames

    The most popular options for a bed frame are wood, fibreboard and metal. Although fibreboard is a fairly common material, it creates a lot of issues. Over time, these frames tend to make annoying creaking and screeching noises. They also absorb moisture and develop bulges. Many people favour these bed frames because of their stylish veneers; however, the material underneath significantly lacks in solidity and has a short life span.

    metal and wooden teak bead frame

    Metal frames are popular because of their appealing designs ranging from classic wrought iron to contemporary metal designs. These come in different finishes in many colours. One downside to these frames is that, depending on the manufacturer, the paint tends to chip off over time and requires a lot of maintenance. Metal frames also tend to produce some noise after years of use, which happens as a result of a loose frame when the metal parts start to rub against each other.

    On the other hand, wooden frames are less likely to make notorious noises. The most popular types of wood used in bed frames are teak, walnut, Sheesham and rosewood. If you’re going for the perfect blend of style and durability, you should choose a teak frame for your custom bed.

    People prefer teak because of its sophisticated and timeless appeal. The golden and earthy tones bring warmth to any interior, especially for traditional and rustic homes. Whether you’re redesigning your bedroom space or building it from scratch, don’t hesitate to check out the teak wooden beds for sale.

    Why Is Teak the Right Wood Option?

    Unlike a lot of wood options, teak is a great solution for both indoor and outdoor furniture and all kinds of conditions. But, what are the benefits of teak when used as a bed frame?

    • Aesthetic appeal – Teak has a natural golden-brown colour, which is why interior designers everywhere love incorporating it in their design plans. It does tend to fade over time, but it still retains a classy aesthetic.
    • Resistant to decay – Another reason to go for a teak wooden bed is its resistance to termites and other insects.
    • Waterproof – Teak contains natural oils and has extremely tight grains. This prevents it from absorbing moisture. Depending on your living conditions, wood bed frames tend to attract mould from time to time. However, the water-resistance of a teak custom bed frame makes it resistant to mould as well.
    • Durable – Teak furniture tends to last for multiple decades, because of its strength and high content of silica, which protects it from the effects of weather and insects.
    • It’s heavy and dense – Meaning, it’s more likely to stay fixed in place and withstand heavy weight as opposed to lighter materials like particleboard. This way, you can feel safer knowing there’s no risk that your bed frame falls and breaks, and injuries occur.

    Some Other Uses of Teak Wood

    Outdoor and Indoor Furniture

    Apart from rattan, teak is the most popular wood for creating furniture in recent years. The best thing about teak wood is its versatility. It looks elegant as a part of your indoor furniture, but it’s still durable and weatherproof to be used for outdoor furniture. Teak has a unique grain pattern and texture which creates visual interest in a space. It’s also extremely low maintenance compared to other types of wood. If you’re not a fan of the steady fading of its golden colour, you can try treating it with certain sealants to slow down this process.

    teak wood outdoor and indoor furniture

    Boat Building

    Teak has been used to make strong boats for a long time. Instead of specially treating other types of wood, teak readily offers you the sturdiness and water resistance. It also has a relatively low shrinkage ratio, so it doesn’t change a lot after prolonged exposure to water and sunlight.


    The deck is an extremely important part of a boat. It requires a strong and waterproof material since it’s constantly exposed to bad weather and moisture. Teak is a popular choice for building boat decks. Even though it’s not 100% water-resistant, it’s still the ideal choice for building wooden surfaces that are frequently subjected to moisture.

    nordic chairs and table on light grey wooden decking


    Because of its aesthetic appeal, manufacturers often use teak for the making of plywood and decorative veneers. These are most often used for living rooms, office spaces, gyms and spas. Teak’s water resistance is extremely beneficial for this use.