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    Tips for Choosing the Right Wardrobe for Your Bedroom

    By on Last modified: January 29, 2021

    The bedroom is the place where you spend a significant amount of time and whether you are aware of it or not, it plays an important role in how you feel. A disorganised bedroom can increase stress levels and impact the quality of your rest. That being said, it’s important for your well-being to have suitable storage that can keep your bedroom a clutter-free sanctuary. This is where a wardrobe comes in.

    Bedroom wardrobes play an important role in keeping things organised and within reach. But being the bulky furniture items that they are, they also influence the overall look of the bedroom. That is why you should be very careful when buying a new wardrobe and make sure to choose one that ticks all boxes.

    bedroom with bedroom large wardrobe and modern wood bed

    Different Types of Wardrobes

    When you buy wardrobe, one of the first decisions you have to make is whether you like a free-standing or a build-in model. Free-standing wardrobes can be easily transported to another room or a new house if needed, and they can be two-door or three-door panel wardrobes, sliding or hinged doors or doorless. On the other hand, build-in wardrobes are not portable and it might take the time to design and build them, which naturally, makes them more expensive.

    Two-door panel wardrobes usually follow the standard design where the interior is split into two halves. One half is used for drawers and the other one for rails. Three-door panel wardrobes offer a little more space. And depending on your needs, another compartment of shelving or rails can be incorporated.

    Wardrobes with sliding doors can eliminate the need to open the doors outwards which can save you space. That is why they are perfect for tight spaces. While hinged doors are more common and you could always hang a mirror or additional hooks on the inside.

    You can also go for a custom-made wardrobe design can give you the freedom to choose the materials, the colours, sizes, finishes and storage accessories according to your preferences. You can get to choose whether the wardrobe has more hanging space, shelves, drawers for cosmetics or different accessories. However, custom-made wardrobes are usually the most expensive free-standing options.

    But before you browse the range of bedroom wardrobes, you might want to sort out your essential items, like clothes, accessories and other objects that you want to keep. This will allow you to estimate how much space you need for them. Once you know exactly your wardrobe will be used for, you can think about the functionality it needs to offer and its exact specifications.

    modern black and beige wardrobe in the bedroom with bedding side table and grey chair


    If you have more long coats and evening gowns, it is more likely that you will need hangers. This will require you to get a wardrobe with full-height rails. If, on the other hand, you have more shorts, jeans, T-shirts, blouses, short dresses and jumpers, your wardrobe should have more half-height rails that can instantly double the amount of hanging space.

    When it comes to drawers and shelves, today many bedroom wardrobes offer super innovative options such as jewellery drawers, built-in shoe racks and adjustable cubby holes that can reduce clutter and enhance organization options.


    Before choosing the right wardrobe, you should know exactly where in your bedroom it is going to go. Since many rooms have one suitable spot for a piece of furniture this size, you should always buy bedroom wardrobe that fits perfectly. Usually, the normal depth of wardrobes is 45cm which should be enough to give you different options to perfectly organize your space. But if you opt for a two-door swing wardrobe, you will need a minimum space of 80cm, but if you want a two-door sliding wardrobe, your room should spare a minimum of 180cm. Moreover, if you require more storage, you should opt for lofts as well, but if you don’t have enough space to spare, then they are unnecessary.

    Even though it’s essential that the wardrobe perfectly fits your space, you should not forget the bed as well if you’re designing your bedroom from scratch. It’s important that you cleverly choose the right bed size for your room, so that in combination with the wardrobe, it doesn’t make the space look overcrowded.

    italian wardrobe design with glass doors and modern bed


    Today, there are many different styles of bedroom furniture available on the market, and it’s easy to find a wardrobe that can suit your preferences. You can find wardrobes with a timeless, classic look as well as ones that are slick contemporary, minimalist Scandinavian chic or have an ornate French boudoir style.

    Besides the doors, the handles can also have an impact on the wardrobe’s appeal too. You can choose from ring pulls, ornate glass knobs or slim brushed-chrome handles. These small touches can be easily customised to help you refine the overall aesthetic effect.

    Material and Finish

    There are many different materials, colours and surface finishes you can mix and match to create the bedroom wardrobe from your dreams. So, here are some options you can choose from.

    Solid Wood

    It’s one of the most highly used materials for wardrobes, even though it’s not as customisable as other options. Many owners prefer solid wood because it’s robust and hardwearing. However, besides the warmth and richness it gives to the space, it can be susceptible to scratches and that is why it is very important that you take care of it properly.

    modern solid wood wardrobe

    MDF and Particleboard

    MDF consists of wood residue that has been hammered down into sheets. This material is very common these days because is affordable, economical and durable. Particleboard is also engineered from waste wood chips and is eco-friendly and it can be found at much lower prices when compared to MDF.


    Glass is a popular choice among contemporary homeowners. Through reflecting the light, it adds an additional dimension to the room and creates a bright effect that complements the interior décor.

    High Gloss Finish or Matte Finish

    A wardrobe with a high gloss finish will give your room a slick, contemporary look. This shiny finish usually is available in white or black colour or very light natural colours. The advantage of choosing this type of finish is that it is resistant to wear-and-tear and can be easily wiped down from fingerprints and stains. On the other hand, matte finish fits effortlessly into any space and it doesn’t compete with other furniture.