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    Functional and Fashionable: The Importance of Wearing Comfortable Shoes

    By on Last modified: August 31, 2023

    How many times have you bought a new pair of shoes that looked like a dream but felt like a nightmare? Gorgeous heels, and sleek men’s shoes that caught your eye at the store and go perfectly well with your new outfit but literally kill your feet are not worth it. Certainly not if you need to wear them for hours on end. Life is too short to spend it in tight shoes that make you feel miserable.

    Uncomfortable shoes will not only ruin your mood, but they can affect your health as well. They can cause bad posture that results in back pain, cause numbness and pain, aggravate feet issues such as bunions, calluses, ingrown toenails, and in more serious cases peripheral neuropathy and bad circulation.

    Wearing high quality comfy shoes will not only prevent all these issues but allow you to be more active and feel good even when you spend most of the day on your feet. Even if you are not the most active person, you still make on average 5000 steps a day. And for those who are constantly on the move choosing the right shoes can be vital.

    What Makes Shoes Comfortable

    comfortable shoes

    When you buy comfy shoes you should know which features can make a great difference.

    • Firm sole: A solid sole that provides enough padding between the foot and the ground, has good traction for different terrains but is also flexible to allow free movement.
    • Good insole: This is what provides the necessary arch support. It could be made from a leather material, gel, or foam, and give you balance and cushioning. If you need specific orthopedic inserts, make sure there’s enough room in the shoe.
    • Padded lining: This ensures that your shoes don’t slide and rub. Ideally, there should be padding on the side, the top, and around the ankle. High heels should have padding at the heels and toes as these areas are strained the most.
    • Quality material: Look for high-quality fabrics that are not only durable and can conform to your feet but also breathable to help you regulate temperature.
    • Shape and size: Make sure the shape of the shoes fits your foot type. Look at the width and the toe box in addition to the size. Not all same-size shoes fit the same.

    Are Flat Shoes Best for Standing All Day?

    High heels are not the best option for women’s shoes if you spend most of the day on your feet, but contrary to popular belief, neither are completely flat shoes. Proper arch support is necessary to distribute pressure evenly across the entire foot and improve the alignment of your entire body. Wearing shoes with heels elevated between a quarter inch and 2 inches, or orthopaedic insoles will improve your posture and sense of balance. This, in turn, decreases back pain and can alleviate symptoms of foot problems.

    Comfortable Shoes for Work

    comfortable shoes for work

    When you are putting together your workplace attire make sure you don’t overlook what kind of shoes you are choosing. Depending on your workplace and your duties, you might have to move around a lot or stand in one position. This might be stressful for your body if you don’t feel good in your footwear. Formal shoes look good but they are not suitable for extended periods of time.

    Think about your well-being and productivity. The better you feel, the more focused and productive you will be. Another factor to consider is the working environment. Are there any slippery surfaces, or chances of tripping and falling? Work-related injuries can be prevented if you are wearing shoes with good traction and a firm sole.

    Walking and Running Shoes

    Do you enjoy going for long walks or runs? Then you certainly know how important a pair of shoes is. The right lifestyle footwear needs to act as a shock absorber and cushion the impact on your feet. It needs to provide good support and prevent potential injuries while you are exercising or walking. Look for reinforced parts on these shoes, such as the heel or the toe box, anatomical outsoles, as well as durable materials that can withstand a lot of wear and tear.

    The fabric should also be breathable and allow enough airflow to avoid sweat building up and minimize the chances of fungal or bacterial infections. Some models have ventilated midsole or perforations in a few strategic places which let air move, something which is very useful, especially during the hot summer days.

    Comfort and Style Can Go Together

    comfort and style

    Finding shoes that are both functional and fashionable might seem an issue, but with the shift in demand in recent years, more and more designers and manufacturers move towards this trend. Comfortable shoes that can offer support and balance but have a fashion-forward twist at the same time are taking over the market. Brands that offer orthopaedic-friendly models have risen in popularity, proving that comfort and style can go together, and even be cool. So, look around and you will find the perfect pair to make a fashion statement and every stride smooth.

    Final Words

    Disregarding comfort for the sake of pretty shoes is bound to happen. Some shoes are practically irresistible. But even when that is the case, try to find an alternative. If you are headed to some special occasion consider bringing a second pair of comfy shoes that you can switch into if necessary. Have an extra pair of shoes at your office that you will wear once you arrive there, or keep one in your car just in case. It might come in handy if working hours stretch out or some unpredictable events occur.