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    Important Features to Consider When Looking For The Ideal Range Finder

    By on Last modified: June 7, 2019

    Hunting accessories can make your trips more exciting and successful. One of the most popular hunting accessories that both gun and bow hunters use is the range finder. This is a piece of hunting equipment that comes with a wind sensor, fog resistance, water resistance, and a rifle and bow model. The whole purpose of range finders is to give you accurate distance so that you can plan your shot accordingly.

    A good range finder is functional, durable, and can cover the distance you need. Modern rangefinders feature ultra-powerful lens and they help you figure out the ideal ballistics before you take a shot. They allow you to detect a distant image in the clearest way possible, even in night conditions. Some models feature Varifocal lens, IR-cut filters, infrared LED and other features. Some of the things you need to consider when shopping for the ideal range finder include the following.

    Size and Weight


    The range finder should be compact so that it doesn’t become an inconvenience when carrying it for an extended time period. Choose a lightweight model that’s easy to handle and carry around. Before deciding on a specific model, check its size and weight. Although you might need a powerful and heavy-duty device, you don’t need a heavy one.



    Your best bet is getting a rangefinder with an eco-friendly infrastructure. You can learn more about this with the help of reviews for the particular model you’re looking at. The rangefinder should be safe to use, versatile and efficient.



    You want a rangefinder that has decent magnification. Generally, most rangefinders feature 6x magnification, which is enough to spot a target and measure the distance from about a kilometer away. More magnification means a clearer image at a larger distance.

    Waterproof Rating

    The rangefinder you choose should be completely waterproof and safe to use in rain and snow. This not only improves the rangefinder’s functionality, but it also protects it from things like dust, dirt, and bumps.



    Some rangefinders come with a cover to protect them, while others don’t. If the model you fancy doesn’t come with a cover, then you should consider buying one separately. Some covers are designed in a way that you can use the rangefinder without taking them off, making the device even more dirt, snow, and water-proof.


    And of course, you need to consider your budget. There are models from known brands that are packed with features and cost up to several hundred dollars, but there are also models that are significantly cheaper, yet still have the important features and are good enough for recreational use. Consider your budget and look for models within your range that have the features you need.