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    Invisible Dog Fence: Is It Right for You?

    By on Last modified: June 19, 2019

    Although you may love your dog as if it were your baby, the people on your street might not share the same feeling. It’s a fact that most people do not like their lawns to be dotted with dog poo or having to clean muddy paw prints off their patio. And some are just afraid of overly-friendly dogs. So if you want to be a good neighbour and avoid complaints, you need to keep your furry friend within the limits of your property. And the best way to do it is with a fence.

    But there are also other reasons why it’s important to install a fence. Considering how dogs are naturally curious creatures, a fence will prevent your dog from straying outside your yard. And outside your yard, dogs can be faced with many risks including being hit by a vehicle, having aggressive interactions with other dogs or being the target of pet thieves. That being said, a fence is a must-have for dog owners.

    Invisible Dog Fences2

    However, sometimes traditional fences are not the best solution, whether due to lack of space, budget or local fencing standards . Due to these and similar issues, many dog owners consider installing invisible dog fences. Invisible dog fences don’t take up any space or need to adhere to strict guidelines regarding materials and dimensions. They also do not require regular maintenance. While these fences have many benefits for you as a homeowner, you may wonder, Are they actually a good option for your dog? To answer this, you need to understand how invisible fences work.

    Invisible dog fences consist of a transmitter, a ground wire that you bury to outline the area and a dog collar. When the dog gets within close proximity to the ground wire, the transmitter will emit a signal to the dog collar. As a result, the dog collar will begin sending small electric shocks until the dog backs off. While many dog owners are worried that the electric shocks will be painful and traumatise the dog, in reality, modern wireless fences only emit a ticklish, annoying sensation that is harmless to the animal. In addition, some invisible fence systems will emit a sound as a warning. The sound can often be enough for the dog to become conditioned to stay within the outlined area without the need of receiving shocks.

    Invisible Dog Fences

    Although an invisible fence needs no maintenance whatsoever, you still need to check it regularly to make sure it works properly. As the system runs powered by lithium batteries, it’s important to inspect the battery levels. Most of the invisible fence systems include dog collars which can be conveniently charged via a standard power outlet or a USB port. It’s important to make sure that you pick a collar that’s appropriate for your dog’s size.