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    How to Choose the Right Toys for Your Puppy

    By on Last modified: May 22, 2019

    Puppies are very much like children. Besides needing all the love and attention in the world, they also love playing with new things. So, showering your little furry friend with toys can be a great way to keep him or her happy. Besides being fun to play with, the right toys can also have many benefits for the physical and emotional development of a young puppy. On the other hand, just as with children, the wrong toys can present a health risk for dogs. With that being said, it’s important to choose wisely when it comes to your puppy’s playthings. Here are some tips on just the kind of toys your pet needs.

    For Chewing

    chewing toy
    Just like kids, puppies love putting things in their mouth. So, instead of letting them chew on inappropriate and even dangerous things in your home, get them some good chewing toys. When it comes to selecting chewing toys, it’s important to consider your puppy’s age. When they reach two weeks, puppies get their baby teeth, so toys made of materials such as soft rubber or fabrics are a good fit during that time. At about three to four months, puppies start losing their baby teeth and growing new, adult teeth. As this process can be annoying and painful for them, they are likely to chew on anything around, so it’s best to provide them with a good variety of chew toys which are made of hard rubber or hard nylon.

    Toys that can be filled with water and cooled are recommended for providing relief for a teething puppy’s sore gums. Since your dog won’t go very easy on its chewing toys, it’s important to invest in something long-lasting that won’t tear easily and present a choking hazard. When looking for durable chewing dog toys online or from local stores, try sticking to quality brands such as Kong or Gumabones.

    For Active Playing

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    Puppies are little balls of energy that constantly like to run around, jump and chase after things. To give them an outlet for their energy, provide them with a range of toys for active playing. Toys that bounce such as rubber balls, tennis balls, squeaker balls and more, are a nice option. Balls are also a great way for you to get involved in the play and bond with your puppy.

    Another toy that allows puppies to socialise with people or other dogs in your household is a tug toy. Since tug toys can be especially prone to damage, it’s important to replace them as soon as you notice tearing or torn parts. And finally, if you love playing fetch with your dog in the park, instead of picking up a fallen branch, consider using a specialised fetching toy. Since branches and sticks can have sharp bits that can harm your puppy’s gums, it’s better to use a fetching toy. When it comes to fetching dog toys online stores offer them in a variety of sizes, so make sure to pick one that’s appropriate for the size of your dog.

    For Comfort

    puppy comfort
    When they’re very young, puppies can experience anxiety when left alone, especially at night time. To reduce stress and help your puppy grow into a confident and emotionally stable adult dog, consider getting him or her a plush toy to snuggle with for comfort. Make sure to choose one that’s durable and is less likely to be torn whenever the puppy starts biting it. A great option are the plush teddy bears by Kong which have minimal stuffing and include an inside “skeleton” made of heavy-duty ropes for durability and for preventing the cotton from escaping if the dog rips a hole in the toy.