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    When Is the Right Time to Buy Puppy Nappies and Why Are They Used?

    By on Last modified: August 30, 2019

    puppy nappies
    Buying dog nappies is probably not the first thing that comes to your mind when you’re making a list of the needed supplies for your pet. However, owning a dog can come with certain challenges and being prepared for them will help you overcome them easier. Here are some of the reasons why you should puppy nappies and how your furry friend can benefit from them.

    Common uses and reasons to buy a dog diaper

    Urinary incontinence issues

    Incontinence may occur in older dogs due to a disease called ‘canine cognitive dysfunction’, in which one of the symptoms is forgetting their training. Senior dogs can also have a harder time controlling their bodily urges, such as urination and defecation. But older dogs aren’t the only ones affected by incontinence issues. It can be caused by a urinary tract infection, diabetes, or bacterial infection. So, if your dog suddenly has trouble controlling their bladder, it is best to take your pet to the vet to properly diagnose the cause.

    Training puppies

    Buying diapers for your puppy is not a permanent solution or alternative to potty training your dog. However, puppy nappies are a good thing to own when you begin training your dog. If you keep your puppy indoors, before it is trained it will wet your floors, carpets, and possibly ruin some of your furniture. If you put on a nappy first, once you notice the puppy is urinating, you can take him outside to prevent him from making a mess in your home. A puppy diaper is also useful for some situations where the circumstances prevent you from taking your dog outside – such as long plane rides, or hotel stays. It is also a good precautionary measure when visiting someone else’s home.

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    Female Dogs in the Heat

    You can’t punish your dog for being in the heat, so sanitary pads for dogs in the heat are a must-have. Thanks to them, you can prevent stains in your home if you keep your pet indoors, and make cleaning up a lot easier.


    It is not that they aren’t trained to, but post-surgery dogs will probably have difficulty going outside. Puppy nappies will make the recovery period more comfortable for your pet.

    What to know before buying a dog diaper

    There are female and male dog diapers. Male dog diapers mostly cover the urethra area only, and female dog diapers cover the bottom of your dog and have a hole for the tail. Before buying, measure the waist of your dog. For male dogs, measure the area before and after the urethra. Make sure it is a good fit – to prevent chafing and rashes, you might want to check if you can fit a few fingers in.

    Using the diapers

    They are fairly easy to use. Change it frequently, and make sure your dog is not staying with a wet diaper for a long time. Dirty diapers can cause infections. Clean your dog after changing him – you can use unscented baby wipes for this. If you come in direct contact with the urine or faeces, thoroughly wash your hands. Using gloves is recommended.