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    Men’s Fashion: Complete Your Hip Hop Style with a Jacket

    By on Last modified: November 30, 2020

    If you’re following the hip hop fashion trends, you already know that looking cool and staying comfortable is easy today. As men, we have many options for quality, unique and comfortable clothes that perfectly blend in a hip hop inspired wardrobe. You probably already have several of the important pieces to make you look like a hip hop star. The only thing you’re missing now is the right jacket.

    Having the right jacket may either make or break your outfit whether it’s a formal one or even a casual hip hop inspired look. If you’re looking for mens hip hop jackets, and don’t know where to start, this article is for you.

    mens hip hop jackets

    A Variety of Men’s Hip Hop Jackets

    The stores offer all possible colours of mens hip hop jackets, but if you want to stick to the basics (that are always easy to style) get a military camo, khaki, black, brown or olive coloured jacket. These masculine hues can be combined with everything from sweatpants, jeans, and even the right business casual pants. But, if your style and personality are more vibrant and you love wearing bright colours like red, yellow, white, you can easily get a jacket in such colours. Even in this case, you can go with a simple monochromatic, or two-coloured parka or bomber.

    Another thing to think about when choosing your jacket is to consider the silhouette you want to create. For instance bomber, parkas and puffer jackets are excellent if you want to achieve an eye-catching street style. Blazer and pea coats, on the other hand, are going to be far more useful if you want to combine them with your outfits for work that are more on the casual side.

    Pick a Model for the Right Season

    Before you make your purchase, be sure when you’ll wear this jacket. What’s the weather like in your area, what season is it? Would you do well with a spring light jacket, or you’ll need a jacket that should keep you warm during the cold days. Sure, that jacket you’re eyeing looks amazing, but be sure it’s suitable for the season you plan to wear it.

    bomber jacket

    Consider How the Jacket Can Be Worn

    Knowing how you can wear mens streetwear jackets can also help you to choose the right one. As mentioned above, the jacket can be the cherry on top or can make your outfit look ridiculous. A bomber, for instance, can be combined with almost any outfit. If it’s in dark colours (maximum two colours) you can easily wear it with a simple blouse and your favourite jeans (in any colour). Or you can wear it with sweatpants on your days off. If you need something for work (if we assume you have a smart casual dress code) you can easily wear it there as well.

    Coach jackets can also be combined with monochromatic pants or jeans. If you go with this model in brighter colours and prints, then you’ll be limited to wear it in your leisure time. A simple coach jacket in a neutral colour is a great way to dress up for that hip hop party, your morning classes, or for a laidback date. These jackets aren’t the best options if you have a strict business dress code for work, but they could easily pass for a casual Friday.

    Аnd if your choice is a casual jean jacket, you can literally wear it any way you want. This is a classic piece, that goes equally good with skinny jeans, smart pants, and sweatpants, as well as with sneakers or boots.

    It also helps to consider what you already have in your wardrobe. Are you a college student whose style is laidback and you don’t have to think about meetings or working face-to-face with clients? Are you wearing mostly sweatpants and jeans? Then you can easily purchase your bomber or coach jacket and finalise every outfit like a real street fashion icon.

    However, if you have to wear clothes that aren’t quite street fashion-friendly, maybe you can go for a parka. You can combine it even if a smart business suit in dark colours and still look as if you came out of the runway.

    Wearing Jacket

    Layering Tips

    Dressing in layers is not only practical but also looks stylish, especially if you’re going for a hip hop look. However, make sure you don’t wear more than three layers (unless you want to look bulky and be unable to move your hands). Even if you combine three simple pieces of clothes, your final outfit may look insanely good.

    A hip hop jacket should be the last piece to complete your outfit. There are some simple rules to nail layering – the thinner fabrics go first and the darkest colours ones come last. Each layer should also work for itself; when you take off your jacket, you should continue to look good even only with your hoodie and t-shirt on.

    Pick a cool t-shirt with your favourite print and a hoodie in any colour, as long as it’s darker than the shirt and lighter than the jacket. Jazz the look up with your urban jacket of preference, jeans or pants and a cool baseball cap, and you’re ready to take some great photos for your Instagram.