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    Your Simple Guide to Hip Hop Fashion

    By on Last modified: April 27, 2021

    This music direction emerged in the 1970s. With it also emerged the specific way of dressing which is still going strong. Laid back, yet still following some rules as any style does, hip how wear is one of the most popular styles among the young today. With the rise of TikTok and dancing videos in the past few years, we can see a tremendous spike in the popularity of this way of dressing.

    Just like their parents before them, young people today are very interested in the comfort and pure swag hip hop, or streetwear can really give. Consisting of loose-fitting clothing combined with a tight fit for certain items and a lot of expressive accessories, hip hop fashion is trending globally.

    If you’re someone who would love to dress this way but aren’t exactly sure where to begin, you’re at the right place. I will walk you through the essentials of the style, what hip hop wear to buy, how to combine everything and ultimately, how to end up with a version of the style that fits you and your personality best.

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    Find the Right Bottoms

    When it comes to bottoms, you need to forget the trends of the mid-2010s and give up your skinny jeans. You can replace them all with baggy, comfortable slacks with bell-bottom legs and a low rise waist. The whole point of this type of streetwear is to look effortless, cool, and sleek, so slacks like these will really help you round everything up.

    Jeans are a great choice, as they really are a timeless piece of clothing that will never ever die, but you can also think bigger than that. Other materials are just as good. Get a couple of pairs of cargo pants in subdued greens and browns, get shorts in similar colours, and make sure you have a lot of deep pockets around.

    The only rule here is to make sure nothing is really tight-fitting, everything else is fair game. Some materials work better than others, but I’m sure you can incorporate virtually anything you’d like and make it work.

    Hip hop wear is all about individuality, so don’t look for the rules and follow them to the T. Instead, get the basic items and put your own twist on them. If you’re someone who wears skirts, you can get away with mini skirts made of jeans material as well as cargo-style mini skirts. Things like long skirts are also a thing and they can be made of anything, from jeans to sweatpants material to velvet.

    Choose the Comfiest Tops

    Choose the Comfiest Tops

    If bottoms choices are very similar for girls and boys, tops can differ, but not too much.

    If you’re a guy, you can opt for loose-fitting tees with designs on them. Shirts are also cool, but only if they’re worn over a t-shirt and are properly accessorized. Put your focus on getting tees and hoodies that are baggy enough to let you move about freely, but not too baggy as to make it difficult to actually wear them. You can also wear sleeveless undershirts, mainly white, and pair them with a good shirt to tie it all together.

    If you’re a girl, you can also wear the baggy hoodies and t-shirts we spoke of, but you can also wear tight-fitting tops that will accentuate your curves and really bring attention to those low-rise jeans. These shirts can have short sleeves, spaghetti straps, or can just be a tube top. They can also be made of any material and have different designs on them. Remember, the rule for both boys and girls is to put your own twist on the style.

    You’ll also need a hoodie, but you can choose its length. It can be very long or come just to your waist, adding an accent to all the right places. Pick whichever option makes you feel best or just get one of each to be able to coordinate your outfits more freely.

    Sparkle Accessories

    Add Some Sparkle with Accessories

    It’s your time to shine – literally! Anything shiny, big, and chunky is the way to go!

    For guys, things like big watches, chains, stud earrings or small hoop earrings in either silver or gold will really tie everything together. Hats are also a must, but you already knew that! Worn backward or to the side, they’ll add that finishing touch to your outfit.

    For girls – lots of necklaces in different lengths, rings, a bunch of bracelets jingling on your hand, hoop earrings – they are all the accessories you can and should pair with the rest of your outfit.

    Sunglasses are also a big must. Those with see-through lenses in different colours are one of the most popular choices. Still, if you don’t like this idea, you can opt for any other pair, as long as they fit the ensemble.


    Walk Confidently in the Right Footwear

    Bulky sneakers in a variety of colours will do wonders for your outfit. In the past, there were certain brands that were worn, but now it’s really a free roam. You can pick whichever brand you like and find the sneakers that will work best for you.

    One staple sneaker you really need to have though, no matter if you’re male or female, is the crips white one. Going well with basically anything in your wardrobe, these sneakers will add a pop to your style that no other sneaker will ever be able to match. You can play around with the laces of all your sneakers and combine different colours and styles to add personality and your own individual touch.

    Another footwear item you can get is a good pair of outdoor slippers. Great for the summer and pairing very well with the outfit options suitable for hot weather, they’ll add to the laid back feel and keep you both feeling and looking cool.