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    Reasons Why It Is Smart to go for Performance Exhausts

    By on Last modified: January 23, 2017

    Remember the first time you walked into anatomy class and the teacher started talking? Yeah – well, the discussion of car anatomy probably won’t be nearly as exhilarating, frightening and eye-opening as that conversation, but it’s going to be just as important for understanding the way cars work.

    A lot of people, however, are looking for something more than having their car functioning with the bare minimum – they want more torque and horsepower. Most car manufacturers leave a lot of room for improvement when it comes to these things. This does not mean they manufacture the vehicles poorly, but they choose to make them with cheaper components, so that their cars are affordable for everyone not just for the speedoholics.


    Luckily though, there are aftermarket car exhaust manufacturers that can release some horsepower from your engine. These systems allow for a more efficient, quicker path for exhaust gases to get out, meaning, your engine breathes better and all the spent fuel and air exit the exhaust pipes easier and faster. This also means more fuel and air can be burned in order to create more raw power.

    There are a few other reasons to go for performance exhaust systems. One of the most noticeable ones is the distinctly aggressive, subtle change in the exhaust note. Many of the better systems are not only louder when your stock exhaust is idling, but they also deepen to a low growl when accelerating.

    There are two types of bends used in manufacturing exhaust systems: one of the types uses a crush-bend technique, and the other one uses a mandrel bend. Both kinds make a difference in the way the air flows from the exhaust. The crush-bend process creates a crinkled area in the pipes, thus decreasing its diameter and slowing the exhaust gases. The mandrel bend, on the other hand, creates a smooth setting in the pipe, allowing it to remain in a constant diameter through the bend. This means, less resistance and an improved airflow which ultimately results in an improved performance.

    As you can see, the diameter of the pipes is of great importance, especially if you’re adding more performance parts besides the exhaust pipes. Most cars will benefit from slightly larger piping, but don’t overdo it, as that can hurt your vehicle’s performance. But if you’re adding a supercharger or turbocharger, you should go with a much larger exhaust than your stock exhaust.

    Regardless of the direction you choose, a performance exhaust is sure to add to your vehicle’s performance, sound and appearance. Whether you’re looking for show-quality looks, more power, or even both, the right car exhaust system can certainly change your car for the better.