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    Scrapbooking Made Easy: 6 Useful Ways to Organise and Store Craft Paper

    By on Last modified: June 5, 2024

    Regardless of the size of your office, having it organised is one of the few things you can do to feel comfortable and productive in it. This in fact should be the goal of everyone having an office and luckily you can do this with ease. Aside from stocking it with the right furniture pieces, organising your desk is one of the ways to make you feel comfy and productive. Being able to sort all of your documentation, craft paper and craft supplies is one of the keys to staying successful in your job.

    Ways to Organise and Store

    Paper Storage Rack

    Paper Storage Rack

    Organising office paperwork can pose a significant challenge, and to avoid misplacing important documents, you need to store them correctly. The storage rack is one of the most convenient paper storage solutions used by crafters. They have many compartments that allow you to neatly separate each item for easy access.

    Even though they come disassembled and flat, they allow for easy installation. They can be made from a large selection of materials, however, the ones made from wood seem to be the sturdiest and best solution so far. The most common material for this purpose is MDF press boards which aid to the rack’s weight. 

    Additionally, the material itself allows for being painted and embellished as you wish, allowing you to turn it into the most unique piece of work. Given the fact that paper racks of this kind come disassembled, keep in mind that you’ll need glue to assemble it.

    These racks range in size, so make sure to take into account your needs to be sure that all of your craft paper will fit in it. Having everything in one place is one of the best things you can do to stay more organised.

    Filing Box

    This box might be great for storing documents of all kinds, however, it also seems perfect for storing craft paper of all kinds. Being a box means that all of your paper will be stored in one place without being able to separate and organise it better. But, on the other hand, this is a great way to keep all of it free from dust and from everyone, especially from little children who would love to use it for their own purposes (chuckles) or just to ‘decorate’ it with crayons.

    Hanging File Folder

    For those of you who plan on keeping your paper in a box or cabinet, then it would be a great idea if you invest in hanging file folders. They are available in different colours which allow for easier organisation, meaning that you’ll be able to differentiate them and the paper in them. You can even label them to ease your search when looking for something specific.

    Desk Paper Organiser

    This tray-like organiser is great for allowing you to store your craft paper on the desk (just like the rack type of holder) with the main difference of the paper being more exposed to open air. Usually, this organiser comes with one, two or three trays, meaning that you don’t have that much freedom to organise your craft paper by colour, pattern or purpose for instance.

    Transparent Protective Bags/Pockets

    As the name suggests, these pockets offer utmost paper protection while their transparency allows you to see what’s inside. They are perfect for keeping all of your paper dust and dirt-free. They come in a large selection of sizes, and the best thing is that they allow for easy organisation because you can keep them all in one place in a ring folder.

    Drawer Organiser

    Last but not least, another option you can use is the drawer one. Usually, a paper storing solution of this kind comes with more than one storage which allows for better organisation. Aside from storing paper, you can use one of the other drawers for storing some other craft essentials like thread, knobs, tape rolls, yarn, some embellishments and a large selection of other craft supplies.

    Tips for Easier Organisation


    Sort Your Craft Paper

    When it comes to paper storage, the easiest thing you can do to store your craft paper is to sort it. You can do this by sorting it by colour, pattern, use, size and purpose. You can even sort them by frequency of usage where you can keep the ones you use most on the upper rack compartments while the ones you use the least at the bottom. The truth is there are many ways by which you can organise paper, you just need to consider your purpose and needs and organise them as you wish.

    Label Your Files

    If you have considered the idea of using hanging folders or regular folders for craft paper storage, then you should certainly consider the idea of labelling those files. Having hanging files is better than having regular ones since the hanging ones will keep those tabs in a straight line, so none of it is too low or too high.