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    Timeless Styles: Under the Spell of Everything Vintage

    By on Last modified: October 10, 2016

    Welcome to the 21st century, the time when vintage styles have taken over the world. Yes, perhaps the sight of young men and women wearing pieces of clothes that honor their favourite historic period and family residences furnished with unique vintage furniture items was a really rare one thirty years ago, but that’s not the case anymore. Today, millions of people have both the boldness and the opportunity to purchase and implement stunning, one-of-a-kind vintage elements into their home as a way of expressing their fascination with a certain time period.


    I, too, have fallen in love with everything vintage and worn, as my grandparents have helped me see the beauty and the character all of their decades-old belongings possess. This small revelation inspired me to undertake the project of turning my modern and rather cold contemporary lounge room into a soulful vintage one.

    All of my antiques and collectibles have patiently waited for this day to come. That’s right: after consulting with a professional interior designer, I realized that developing a vintage home atmosphere is all about creating a sense of charm and history with the help of preserved, repaired or refinished antique furniture pieces and other vintage finds. Salvage shops and antique stores are two of the most recommended places for sourcing such items, which is exactly why I decided to visit some. And let me tell you this: it was a truly amazing experience, since being surrounded by old but beautiful wooden coffee tables, sideboards, and fabric sofas felt as though I had traveled back into the past.

    So, after buying a gorgeous red vintage velvet sofa, I knew that the next thing I should do is adjust my plain white walls to the recently refreshed look of my living room. Although I could have simply painted them cream, I dared to experiment a bit, which is why I looked for a tasteful vintage wallpaper online, which, of course, I found. If you haven’t shopped for vintage elements (including retro wallpapers) using the Internet yet, now can be the perfect time to do that. Trust me, searching for a high-quality and long-lasting vintage wallpaper online is something hundreds of thousands of people are doing, as there are more than enough reputable online wallpaper shops.

    At the end of this exciting decorating adventure of mine, the only thing left for me to do was carefully place all of the vintage pieces I bought, as well as the ones I already owned. The result? – The warmest and the most elegant living room I have ever had.