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    Home Transformation: Add Curb Appeal with the Charms of Wood

    By on Last modified: December 30, 2019

    Don’t feel bad if you don’t like the exterior of your home, you’re not alone. Every once in a while, a little bit of change is good and treating the home with some refreshment is same as upgrading your wardrobe, more so as they both are essential in creating good impressions.

    What’s incredible about it is you can accomplish a great deal even with small changes so you don’t have to fret you’d end up spending way more than you can afford. Still, when deciding to add some curb appeal, you might be confused on where to start, which material and style to choose, as well as which elements, and all these questions can easily be answered by a single word: wood.


    As it happens, it’s one material that’s always in style, especially nowadays when the charms of nature are more than welcome in one’s abode as they help make it inviting and warm, along with elegant with little effort. Yes, this goes for wood that hasn’t been painted too, because it has beauty of its own, and whether you want to enjoy it natural or painted over, it’s up to you – you have the freedom to customise the pieces and features.

    Moreover, it’s a material that’s known for the durability, so that’s a reason plus to invite more of it at home. As of late, it’s also viewed as a preferred option in architecture when dealing with climate change.

    1. The Letterbox

    wooden letterbox

    Same as with the interior, it all comes down to the details, no matter how small, and what better way to start with the addition of wood elements to your outdoors than by choosing a wooden letterbox. You won’t have to worry about its quality because the options abound in quality nowadays.

    Let’s take the Accoya wood as an example, apart from its endurance even in harsh weather conditions that we’re no strangers to here in Australia, it’s also famous for its aesthetics, so by opting for a letterbox with an Accoya wood machine panelled front, you get both functionality and style.

    Furthermore, for the individuals concerned about the environment and have a high eco-awareness, as long as you make sure the letterbox of your choice is manufactured from sustainable sources, then you have nothing to worry about choosing wood. On the plus side too, opting for such a durable material also means you get a letterbox that’s low-maintenance.

    Where can I buy a letterbox?


    Since we live in the time and age dictated by technology and the online world, you don’t even have to leave home in search for the ideal wooden letterbox because you can do so choosing from a variety of options that online stores offer, picking from different sizes, as well as finishing touches, be it coating or engraving.

    Do you have to have a letterbox by law?


    Well, the answer is simple: if you want to receive mail at home, you’ve got to have a suitable letterbox. This goes for everyone not receiving their mail in a PO box leased from the post office, and though there might be different requirements on specific details in the different states, you can avoid all confusion by looking through the official site of Australia Post, reading about the recommended size of the letterbox, its height, as well as the location on where you should install it.

    2. The Features

    front door with letterbox

    A home’s features, specifically the front door, garage door, windows all leave an impression on visitors and passers-by, so their condition can speak volumes about you and your home. Unless you want your home to look outdated, or even worse, rundown, it’s best to refresh these features by giving them a wash, repainting them or replacing them with some new wooden frames that weather out well with time.

    Don’t forget to do the same with the fence too, it’s another important element that shouldn’t be overlooked, especially if you introduce a brand new wooden letterbox to the place which would immediately stand out. What you need is a seamless look that grabs one’s attention, not an eyesore!

    3. The Greenery

    What better way to add greenery to liven up the area and introduce more of the beauty of wood in your yard than by counting on the help of trees? Trees are versatile plants, so you’ve got a lot to pick from, including based on your expertise and love for gardening as there are both high and low maintenance options to buy.

    At the same time, they can be essential valuable pieces to have when you’re counting on them for some privacy and natural shade crucial for making use of outdoor entertaining even when it’s hot. Besides, trees are the perfect addition to your home when you want to improve land fertility as well as the air quality. Depending on the type of tree you buy, you might get to enjoy picking fresh fruits too!