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    Tips on Buying Good Cheap Wine

    By on Last modified: February 22, 2016

    I have one huge dilemma in my mind: do wine collectors eventually drink those unbelievably expensive wines they collect? I mean, it’s only logical to open that bottle of vintage red or white, since leaving it in inheritance or not purposing it for anything during your lifetime is just silly. The point is, no matter the reason behind celebrities’ expensive wine cellars we see on TV, we mortals like to have a stash of good wine for the entire week ahead.

    Having that in mind, the search for good cheap wine that I can drink with my seafood or pasta while I watch sports with my boyfriend becomes a real thing; I can’t afford to buy expensive vintage and I really, really can’t endure an entire basketball game without wine. It’s just not happening. So, I developed a scheme for successfully hunting down some really good cheap wine deals. I can sum it all up in three simple tips:


    If You Don’t Understand the Label, Look at the Region

    The region of origin can tell you a lot about the quality of the wine and the price you should expect it to be. For instance, you can’t expect to get a good deal for a wine that comes from France or USA, since these regions produce high quality, branded wine with prestige that has a price of its own. But, wines from Spain, Portugal, Chile and some domestic Australian wines still come with amazing quality without the overrated prestige label – therefore, they are a lot cheaper. Look for some of those.

    Buy by the Case and Stay Happy All Week Long

    Buying by the case is my favourite practice; I always manage to take advantage of a huge discount and the best part is that this is working so much for me! I have a good bottle of wine for each day of the week, and I don’t spend a fortune on it. This is worth the hunt; some good online retailing sites can offer you discounts of up to 20%. Do your research.

    For the Light Drinkers, Organic Grapes Come to the Rescue

    I know you instantly connect ‘organic’ with expensive and tasteless in your head, but you’re wrong. Organic wines are produced with organically grown grapes for which some rigorous production techniques are implemented. Make no mistake, these aren’t vegan wines. They just won’t give you a headache, which is especially convenient if you have to go to work early in the morning the following day.

    I hope these three simple tips can help you stash your wine shelf with some really good cheap wine. The fact that you can get everything you find tasty online and delivered right to your door just before the next (sorry guys, but boring) 90-minutes basketball game starts, gives an additional stimulation to get your laptop and start hunting!