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    When Material Quality Has the Say: How to Choose the Right Dance Leotard

    By on Last modified: July 11, 2019

    You realize how important a proper leotard is when you notice the huge difference wearing high-quality models makes. You wouldn’t walk on a building site without a hardhat, and you wouldn’t jump out of an aeroplane without a parachute, then why would you ever get into dancing without a proper leotard? Its features can surely have a huge impact on your overall dance experience. Here is how.

    ladies leotards

    The Material

    When choosing your next ladies leotard, make sure the material you opt for is form-fitting, not sloppy, yet flexible enough to allow you to dance effortlessly. As you may well know, dancing won’t mean a thing if you aren’t able to perform your moves freely. The most commonly used fabrics are nylon with lycra, lycra and cotton. Lycra and nylon models have shine and various colour options. Unlike these, the cotton and lycra models have a more matte finish.

    The Lining

    This part of the leotard is very important. It is the feature that helps hide all things that are supposed to stay hidden while you are on stage. Those unforgiving bright lights will shine on you during your practice/performance, so, when choosing the perfect model for you make sure that it is properly lined so no accidents can ever occur. One single feature can help you avoid unpleasant moments that can ruin your performance and confidence.

    ladies leotard

    The Stage Look

    A high-quality leotard is supposed to be made and designed with a few considerations in mind. First of all, it is supposed to look great and flattering while you are on stage and make you feel confident and ready to perform. Next, it is expected to have the right amount of shimmer to make you look gorgeous, but still not steal the focus from your movements. And if you prefer, it can also feature some embellishments that will help you tell the story better.

    The Feeling

    Once you slip into well-crafted and properly designed ladies leotards you will instantly feel like a real, professional dancer whose life purpose is to shine on every dance stage. Remember, when you are determined and jolly – the sky’s the limit.

    The Many Styles

    Considering that each dancer has a different style and preferences, there are various different styles of ladies leotards available too, so that you can easily find a model you feel most comfortable in. There is a halter leotard – easy to put on, no straps. Then the tank leotard – it’s sleeveless with thick shoulder straps for greater coverage and stability suitable for bigger busted dancers. Next, short and long sleeved models, one shoulder, with zippers, with a turtle neck and the somewhat classic – camisole leotard that comes with “spaghetti-straps” that create a flattering and delicate look.