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    Adjustable Beds: All the Ways People Can Benefit from Them

    By on Last modified: January 15, 2019

    Sleep is of major importance for us considering we spend a third of our lives on it. And if you’re like many people, you probably spent another third on struggling to fall asleep. If you’ve tried every mattress possible and still toss and turn each night or wake up in pain in the morning, then perhaps you should look into a more effective solution for night-time discomfort – an adjustable bed.

    adjustable beds

    An adjustable bed has a mechanism that allows you to tweak both its upper and lower half with only a push of a button. Although they are most common in hospitals and nursing homes, these beds can have a lot of benefits for home users as well. Like for instance.

    Increases Overall Sleeping Comfort

    Regular beds aren’t exactly designed to meet the needs of the body’s natural curvature. Since they are flat, they aren’t able to support many key body parts such as the lower back. On the other hand, an adjustable bed can be bent into all sorts of shapes, allowing you to precisely adjust it so that it feels most comfortable for you. What’s more, quality adjustable beds often feature a special mode called “zero gravity” which is designed to take the pressure off your spine and muscles allowing you to enjoy a feeling of weightlessness.

    Alleviates Acid Reflux

    Do you dread going to bed because you know your sleep will eventually be disrupted by a bad case of acid reflux? Many people suffering from acid reflux know that their condition seems to worsen every time their body is in a horizontal position. With that being said, by sleeping in a slightly elevated position, the acid won’t be able to get into your oesophagus and cause burning pain.

    Helps with Breathing Problems and Prevents Snoring

    Everyone snores occasionally, but when that happens every single night, we have a problem on our hands. Snoring can hinder your quality of sleep and that of your partner’s. However, the adjustable bed allows you to sleep with your upper body in a slightly elevated position which frees up the airways and improves breathing. Besides snoring, this also helps prevent sleep apnea and asthma symptoms. Many adjustable beds can be elevated and raised on one side without affecting the other, which means that your partner can continue sleeping in a horizontal position.

    Assists Individuals with Mobility Issues

    People recovering from injuries or surgery, or experiencing mobility issues are the ones that can benefit the most from an adjustable electric bed. The fact that these beds can be raised and lowered automatically helps people to sit up and lie down with ease. Moreover, an adjustable bed allows to change positions and shift the body weight which can prevent bedsores from forming.