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    Right Time to Buy Outdoor Features

    By on Last modified: December 20, 2016

    You surely want to be fully prepared when summer hits the streets and all you want to do is spend your time in your backyard. If so, do not wait a single second to buy outdoor features and refresh the look of your outdoor area. Decorating your backyard with the right pieces carefully selected, can only result in creating a perfect oasis where you will spend hot summer nights enjoying cocktails, music, catching up with friends or playing games with your kids. Sounds perfect, right? Well let’s get to work. Here are a few things to consider when looking to buy outdoor features.



    I’m sure the first thing you want to do is to decorate your outdoor space. Trust me, this is the last step, but let’s talk accessories first anyway. Just like your living room, your backyard will simply not be complete without a few accessories to add to the style. But only if you get the right ones. What you want are accessories that will help create peaceful and relaxing area. So, think Asian style. Get lanterns made of iron, aluminum or wicker, water bowls made of stone and even choose a sculpture or two. Do not worry about mixing styles; it is the trend these days. For example, your contemporary choice of colour will perfectly match a bronze Buddha statue and few Japanese-style water bowls. You can buy outdoor features in stores that specialize in furniture and art from Japan and China and it will not cost you that much. So why not create your own summer oasis.


    Patio Set

    You need a good quality patio set for your outdoor area, so think of it as the sofa in your living room. Make sure you choose one of the following:

    • Wrought iron patio set is strong and durable, which means it will serve you for a long time. But since it is weighty, know in advance where you want to put it since you will not be moving it much.
    • Aluminum is light-weighted, so contrary to the wrought iron set, this will be very easy to move anytime. Also, it doesn’t rust, and it is really easy to maintain.
    • Recycled plastic and polymer patio set can easily fit any outdoor décor. And since it looks like painted wood, it can be left out through the year, without having to paint or seal it.
    • Wood is easy to maintain because it resists water naturally. The denser the wood, the better. Just avoid anything that has been glued.


    You can really give life to your patio set and entire outdoor area with some great cushions and pillows in different colours and fabrics. Cushions and pillows should definitely be on your ‘buy outdoor features’ list. Choose lively colours, and go with cotton, since it is the easiest to maintain, and it is also friendly to the skin in summer.



    Of course you need to get an umbrella! The last thing you want is getting a sunburn while drinking lemonade or a cocktail. Whether it is a freestanding umbrella, or one that cover only the table, having umbrella outdoor is a must. Look for UV-resistant fabrics, and make sure your umbrella has a wind vent to keep it steady when winds start blowing.


    You can add a dose of coziness and warmth to your outdoor scene with a nice rug. Get one that is water and stain resistant and easy to clean. Plus, you can get a rug that has UV stabilizers to resist fading, or one made from recycled plastic.